Legion: Blizzard to Unveil World of Warcraft’s Sixth Expansion

  • Leanne Coelho
  • August 7, 2015
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Image: Via Battle.net

Acclaimed massive multiplayer online role-playing, World of Warcraft is set to have its sixth expansion pack titled Legion; Blizzard Entertainment announced this during the live stream around the world from Gamescom 2015.

On Thursday at the live presentation at Gamescom, Blizzard showed off Legion with a teaser. After, Blizzard Entertainment played the main reel, officially announcing World of Warcraft: Legion and showing off some of the expansion pack’s new features.

The new features will include a level cap hike to 110, new dungeons and raids, a new continent called The Broken Isles, a new honor system, artifact weapons, class order halls, PvP progression system that allows for leveling up in PvP, buy bonuses, skills improved transmogrification system and a new demon hunter class.

“In World of Warcraft: Legion, the stakes for the Alliance and the Horde are higher than ever, so we’re putting some of Azeroth’s deadliest forces directly in players’ hands,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Whether they’re wreaking havoc as a Demon Hunter or unlocking awesome new abilities for their Artifact, players will develop their characters’ power in ways they never have before.”

Check out more of the game at Battle.net.

Image: Via Battle.net

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