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Lindsay McCormick, The Founder, and CEO at Bite

Lindsay McCormick, thankfull-image from pixabay
Lindsay McCormick, thankfull-image from pixabay Lindsay McCormick, thankfull-image from pixabay
Lindsay McCormick, thankfull-image from pixabay
Lindsay McCormick, thankfull-image from pixabay Lindsay McCormick, thankfull-image from pixabay

Lindsay McCormick is a very intelligent and hardworking femalepreneur from the United States. She has experience in video production, where she has managed to work on many popular TV shows.

Lindsay McCormick went to Eastern Carolina, where she graduated with a bachelor’s in Arts, specifically in communication and media studies. However, after one year in the industry, she felt like she had insufficient knowledge. So she went back to school for another two years to supplement her knowledge.

Since I was a kid, I have been interested in the environment and sustainability. I would force my parents to adopt a new animal every six months on most occasions. So, my mum would write a check in my name to the World Life Fund. In a few weeks, the animal would be on our compound.

After graduation, I secured my a job in a TV company. Luckily enough, it was an Animal Planet show, so I was very happy. The job made me walk to different destinations, capturing various wild animals. In the journey, I realized that I was wasting a lot of plastic holding the toothpaste. I felt bad because I was polluting the environment. Some days along, I did my research, only to realize there was no friendly version of toothpaste for those who are traveling. I was looking for something that is plastic-free to avoid contaminating the environment.

While working as a TV producer, I struggled to save time for my side projects. So my living room turned out to be my first office for Bite. Friends and family were my first customers, and their impression was positive. Some of my friends with whom we share the sustainability virtue were very thankful for the product. I collected much information to get the best plastic-free materials for this product. There was a day when I made a lot of sales compared to what I had sold the previous year, that sounds awkward.

There was a video I posted several months ago; I realized someone had posted it, and it had attracted massive attention from potential customers. It had the title ‘Lindsay McCormick, Women’s Health.’ I vowed never to look back on my employed company. It was an escape from much pressure. I quit my job to focus on my company. Since then, I have committed all my time to Bite.

The main reason I started Bite was to advocate for sustainability. I had nothing in mind like running a company, and it was just bringing a new change to the world. Currently, we are known as the most sustainable oral care in various retail stores. This is because we always put our customers first, and their complaints become our upgrades. This is what makes Bite stand out and be competitive.

Daily, I think of a new idea. I have received over a thousand requests from clients who need fluoride supplements. We have worked on that, and soon, I will release it in the market. We will expand our roots to a new audience if we offer the new product. This will go hand in hand with keeping the plastic material out of sight to protect the environment.

To my fellow women who yearn to be entrepreneurs, make sure you learn as many skill sets as possible. It would be best if you are smart in what you wanted to offer. Furthermore, staying true to yourself will positively motivate your attributes. As you grow, be flexible to adapt to the new changes in the environment. Be frank and ready to absorb more knowledge in your journey.

Also, as an entrepreneur, choose the right candidates to add to your team. Let them be trustworthy individuals who share the same dream with you. However, you must give them some freedom and respect to engage in what they like to be productive. You must always be ready to remind them about goal blindness. That is a disease that has affected a lot of employees. We are human beings, and sometimes we forget easily, a report by businessinsider.

Ooh! Getting support from the people you love will sometimes uplift your journey. It’s strange, but my boyfriend is a co-founder of Bite. He was there to support me. He chipped in when I felt like quitting. We have been together for almost five years, and we both concentrate on achieving success with Bite. That man has shaped and branded Bite, with his marketing skills. Through tough moments, he has been there to lend a hand. That’s an inspiration to me.

Sustainability is a topic that has been in discussion for many years. My ambition is to see Bite as a driver towards creating a plastic-free product to spearhead the movement. We don’t want people to consume more chemicals from plastics. Furthermore, we use our online platform to educate people on the best habits to avoid dumping plastics anywhere. I believe it’s through minor steps, and we will achieve a lot.


Since I took off as a CEO, I have learned a lot of things. Such includes:

  • Whenever a manufacturer delivers something late in the marketing, without any communication, it affects the revenue adversely. There must be a way to fix some crucial issues. If you go ahead and ignore such things, they will hinder your success. Having direct communication helps.
  • Another thing, to be a real leader, you must look like a dumb person in a room. Get candidates who work well in their specific niche. Then, don’t forget the main reason why you hired them. When dealing with employees, don’t pretend that everything is right, when it’s not. Have some power and let them perform their duties right. Also, let them feel-good and appreciated.
  • Be a good cheerleader for small success. Sometimes I will walk on each employee’s desk, cracking jokes and trying to know them. I always feel it’s good to celebrate what we have achieved together.
  • Never forget your Why: During tough moments, remember why you choose to start the company. Your mission should always go to completion. If you feel like quitting, it’d be the right moment to meditate on the reason why you kick-started. Everyone will feel overwhelmed. Never give up on the way.
  • Communication is key: for sure, you have to identify ways to communicate with every department in your company. Manufacturers, marketing, sales, transporters must be bundled in one area. Have specific ways to communicate with different people.

People must get this, and you don’t possess your habits alone. Every brand and person has a great influence on shaping how others do things. Everyone has the mandate and the power to control nature. We are shaping the environmental world with our few items in the market. It’s a collection of people that can have an impact on society. Why can’t we come together and make a real solution to our daily problems?

To a younger Lindsay McCormick, if you want things to turn out the best way, you must put in all your effort and work for the best way. Always try to input the best possible solutions to retrieve positive results in any situation. With that in mind, you will reap good fruits and many opportunities. This behavior has helped me achieve a lot in my career. Sometimes things are right; in other moments, the opposite happens. You must always find the best solution for that.

Getting a job is also something good. When you have completed your education, you must go into the industry and get the required skills you learned in school. I worked with Assylum entertainment as an Executive Assistant for only one year. Having energy sometimes can get you a large piece of bread. I got promoted to become the production coordinator within the first year. In 2014, I found myself carrying a badge of an Associate producer. That’s the power of doing your best.

Working for a single company wasn’t my thing. I wanted to explore, so I joined JOHLT Production as a senior producer. We shoot a lot of TV shows on international travel. I also engaged in the home and lifestyle industry to understand how people live better lives. My last company was Pie Town Productions, where I dealt with flip or Flop, House Hunters, etc. It was a good journey, and I learned a lot. I was working around experienced people, that is an advantage.

Furthermore, I was educating the new and fresh graduates on how to handle some new things. I believe sharing is caring. From there, I started my company and am my boss.

There are celebrities I wish to meet in my life. Ty Haney and Emilly Weiss have been my all-time inspiration. They possess influential and amazing businesses. These two famous people will always create a beautiful influence on an individual. There is another worrier I am forgetting, Jane Goodwill. She has been chasing dreams just similar to mine.

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