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Young Robert Luo Becomes CEO of Mi Terro While at University

Robert Luo, CEO of Mi Terro-image from facebook
Robert Luo, CEO of Mi Terro-image from facebook Robert Luo, CEO of Mi Terro-image from facebook

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Robert Luo is a popular entrepreneur as well as a businessman. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration.

While at school, he set up a business that he later sold for $300,000. This is a lot of money, provided he was still an undergraduate student. He is also one of the top entrepreneurs in the Hall of Fame at Marshal School of business in South California University.

When I visited my uncle in China, I learned a lot about the food waste problem. I managed to walk through his farm and experience huge milk of waste. He offered me the key to finding the best solution for this issue. So I took a flight back to the US and started my research. For a moment, I thought about turning the milk into something like by-products. Then I came up with Mi Terro, a company aiming to turn waste into a product that can replace plastics.

My typical day is unique since I work remotely. I find it easy to manage my time. Emails are the first place I look and reply to confidential messages. Then I take my breakfast. At 7:00 am, I am ready to schedule some calls. Finally, I schedule some meetings in the afternoon and plan what I would do the next day.

To bring ideas into life, I do read a lot. The internet has a lot of information which is free of charge. I make sure daily I read a lot of news and articles in the business world. Whenever I experience a big problem, I know this can be the best opportunity.

I get interested when I see people demanding their business to shift to sustainability faster. People are yearning for a bigger share of the cake. But, any CEO running a business should know that sustainability is a must for a business to prosper.

To remain productive, I have to sleep in a positive mood. Listening to soothing songs and watching funny video clips make my night cooler. If you have a good sleep, tomorrow’s performance will be okay.

Robert Luo, CEO of Mi Terro-image from facebook

To a younger Robert Luo, never stop learning. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification whenever you feel like something is hard. There are experts in your area who have passed through a similar problem, so stand out and get advice. Then, humble yourself; the world will expose its fruit to you. In everything you do, master confidence. Be grateful for your goals if you ever achieve something, however small it is.

To become a perfectionist in a certain area, you must topple more than three times. Whether you are a faster learner or an intermediary, these rules never fail.

Reading has been part of me. It has opened my mind to look at problems from different angles. Not just books, but you can see people through their facial expressions. After which, you can tell your fellow entrepreneurs what’s on their minds.

I believe in self-growth before inviting a third party for assistance and building myself to be confident enough in what has bored fruits. When I face a challenge, I have to think deeply about solutions before inviting another person for advice.

When I set up Mi Terro, I was still a student at the University of Southern California. Almost 12 clubs and organizations rejected my applications with my idea. I tried the 13th time, and I got the same negative answer. However, sometimes I look back and smile because those rejections drove me to work extra hard. I can put more effort into the things I love.

If you want to succeed, there is no special foodstuff to grab. But through ongoing trials, you will learn from your mistakes. It makes you feel better.

Technology is growing at a higher rate. Daily, I use WeChat for my confidential communication with my Chinese suppliers. For my audience, read the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. The writer drives us through his journey when he set up Nike. He shows us the mistakes he made before becoming prosperous.


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