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MBA Graduating Students of 2015 Will Have No Problem Finding Jobs

Congrats grads! As graduation is near so is the search for jobs, but luckily for the MBA graduates of  2015 this is the best time to be entering the job market.

Companies are on the prowl for business graduates more so now than they have been in decades as a report shows.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) did a study that showed corporations will hire the most students graduating with MBAs in 2015 than they have since 2003.

They found that 84 percent of companies said they will hire MBA students, a 10 percent jump from last years study. This is the highest year-over-year jump since 2011.


Not just any grad qualifies though; 90 percent of employers in the U.S said they would fill the positions to B-school or better students. Though 82 percent more employers than last year would prefer fresh out of school employees to fill their missing positions.

In Europe only 56 percent of companies said they would hire fresh MBA grads for their companies. As for Asia and Latin America 75 percent of their companies would hire MBA grads.

For MBA graduates the best place to look is in the energy and utilities sector; 96 percent of companies in these fields reported saying they would hire the grads for their finance or general management positions.

Technology sectors also would hire MBA graduates; 96 percent of technology companies said they are seeking MBA grads from B-schools for their marketing positions.

Not only to MBA graduates have the upper-foot on finding a job in today’s market, but companies are also raising salaries for the positions ready for the MBA students. One in five companies said they would increase their pay to higher than the rate of inflation.

An MBA student can expect to make around $100,000 out of college. Higher than last years median for an MBA student and double the amount of the average college graduates salary for this year.


All findings were according to the GMAC’s study.


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