McDonald’s has Revealed That They have a Secret Menu

  • Leanne Coelho
  • July 22, 2015
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Image: Via Flickr/Mike Mozart

Fast-food restaurants frequently keep popping up in the news. Whether it is for their unhealthy food, worker’s compensations or any other food safety or business issues, American restaurant chains surely do find themselves in entertaining situations.

McDonald’s is probably one of the most popular restaurants from the list of controversial chains. With issues like pink slime, minimum wage, being sued and so much more, it has surely become a resilient business.

But in less image-damaging news, the restaurant has recently revealed that they also have a secret menu. A U.K. based McDonald’s manager has revealed that the restaurant allegedly got a secret menu with fascinating burgers like the Land, Sea and Air burger and also something called the McGangbang.

However, when a rep for the restaurant was interviewed and questioned about the secret menu, he said,

“We do not have a secret menu at McDonald’s UK. That’s because we love the food that we serve in our restaurants and we don’t want to keep it a secret from our customers. Any requests for extra items or changes to our products are considered at the restaurant manager’s discretion and any additional items may be charged for.”

Image: Via Flickr/Mike Mozart

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