Mila Kunis Joins in with Miners in Zambia

  • Priscilla Manzo​
  • April 27, 2015
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Mila Kunis takes action by helping miners become the biggest emerald producers in the world.

Kunis spent two nights at the Zambian mines actually going down to help with miners. Though a bit nervous at first she ended up loving it there.

“Yeah I am sad to leave, I loved it here,” she had said when leaving according to Gemfields CEO, Ian Harebottle.

He calls actor Mila Kunis very “special” through all the work she put in at the mines.

Harebottle speaks to a Bloomberg reporter Pimm Fox about how his company which prides themselves on being the single largest miner and marketer of colored gems.

Gemfields distributes 20 percent of the world’s emerald stones.

They produce 15 percent of ruby stones but with their expansion of ruby mining they are projected to supply 30 percent of the world’s rubies.

The company has big productions currently in Africa to help the communities thrive.

Harebottle speaks about his company’s deep “commitment to ethics.”

He describes doing this by “investing into the environments in which we operate.”

No harmful chemicals go into the environment because none are used within any of their mines.

Currently the company is working on a zero  carbon footprint. They hope to do this by putting enough trees next to their mines to balance out their carbon air footprint.

Over the last 5 years the company has reported zero reportable injuries.

The company helps out the communities around them by focusing on building schools and clinics and providing skills development and training. They even help out by only purchasing local produce.

“What is important is that you are not only spoiling your wife but that you have spoiled and cared for the environment that where it has come,” said Harebottle

Gemsfields also produces 20 to 30 million carats of emerald and beryl in their Zambia mines.

They have developed a training in Zambia to develop color gemstone mining engineers, processing engineers, mining geologists and exploration geologist.

via Gemsfields

Miners mine in 110 meters of depth which is equivalent to a 30 story building expanding over two miles.

For every 20 million grams of waste they find 1 gram of emerald in the rough. And even then the average recovery from the rough is only 8 percent once cut and polished.

“You can imagine how much work is going into that single walking down Madison Ave. magnificent gem. You can imagine the amount of work,” Harebottle poses.

With all that Gemerfield prides themselves in it was no doubt that a star as Kunis would drop for a visit.

“Gemfields is definitely making sure that it is as sweet as possible”


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