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The Co-founder of Wanda Map, Navit Reid

Navit Reid, CEO Wanda map-image from facebook
Navit Reid, CEO Wanda map-image from facebook Navit Reid, CEO Wanda map-image from facebook

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Navit Reid is an American data analyst and scientific researcher in climate. She is an alumnus of Hampshire College, where she majored in three courses, i.e., Photography, ecology, and ethnomusicology. 

She developed an interest in the climate when she was only five years old. Her parents were very supportive. They made sure she had traveled to 41 US states. Furthermore, Navit Reid has lived in three different nations and visited over 30 countries.

In 2018, Navit Reid set up her first startup Wanda Maps which offered travel kits for those who love exploration. The company also collects data to observe the climatic changes in various nations.

The idea of Wanda Map came after almost 25 years of travel and my experience in three majors. My interest in wildlife biology drove me to set up the company. Over time, I learned that planning for adventures wasn’t an easy task. So, I wanted a system that could annotate maps to offer clear and simple ways to travel. On the way, I met other people searching for the same. So, I took it as a challenge to start my company, Wanda Maps.

I don’t have a specific typical day. Each day has different plans. Mostly am occupied with meetings and online events in different time zones. Sometimes when I am at home, I will work for almost 12 hours, from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm. Along the journey, I will give myself a 1-hour break for exercise. Taking short rests is helpful for my mental health.

To turn ideas into big projects, I visualize a lot. I set up a goal and tried to look at the bigger picture of that idea. Sometimes I will share it with my team members. Smart people will fill some holes that you don’t notice. But be keen when you share your small ideas; choose your team wisely. If the idea is difficult to implement, know something is not good. 

The transformation from analog to digital excites me daily. But rarely do I change my analog photography and music. Instead, I look at the world and see how technology has made things better and easier. 

I usually scan through my location, industry, and community to remain productive. I have to focus on smaller things and collect as much information as possible. My industry is evolving, and finding opportunities in different places helps. But then, I like setting long-term goals.

 To a younger Navit Reid, Don’t think much about the next step you want to take. It’s okay if things don’t go the way you thought. Instead, try to learn from the mistake and move on. Sometimes you can consult experienced people before taking a challenging step.

These three questions have always guided me.

  • Why am I working on this issue?
  • Who are my clients?
  • What is the cost and returns of this activity?

If you try to question yourself and find out there are no answers, don’t do what you have planned. You won’t last in that business.

Navit Reid, CEO Wanda map-image from Facebook

Passion has pushed me to greater heights. Daily, it gives me the fuel to work hard and take the necessary risks in life. I have inspired many people to invest their profiles in my company. Some voluntarily join my company to work on my ideas.

There are failures in business. I have received more than enough rejection from different capital ventures. Sometimes a meeting you planned goes array as you thought. Through my experience, I have learned to overcome some of them. One of the worst failures happened when I planned a meeting with my co-founder. I said many things and messed up until the partnership was rejected. The main reason for my bad mouth is that I had not planned my speech well. Today, I have learned to talk less and listen more.

To those searching for business ideas, kindly build an app tracker for diet. And it should have a relationship with the surrounding environment. This can provide a lot of information for your doctor in case of any disease. In addition, you can monetize the app or site through a small subscription fee.

Throughout my life, I have appreciated the password manager software. But, unfortunately, humans forget easily, so I have to keep my password insecure software. Also, I cannot use a similar password for different sites because it reminds me of the same issue. 

Seth Godin wrote a nice book entitled “Purple Cow.” It talks about how marketing has changed over the past two decades. 


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