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Sir Richard Branson, First Tycoon to Fly to Space

Richard bryson in spacecraft- Image from facebook
Richard bryson in spacecraft- Image from Facebook Richard bryson in spacecraft- Image from Facebook
Richard bryson in spacecraft- Image from facebook
Richard bryson in spacecraft- Image from Facebook Richard bryson in spacecraft- Image from Facebook

Sir Richard Branson has become the first top entrepreneur to fly into space. The journey was very successful after 17 years of investments. He has achieved his long-time dreams.

“I have dreamt of this moment since I was a kid, and nothing could prepare you for the view of Earth from space,” Branson said after landing.

VSS Unity launch

VSS Unity launched the spaceflight on Sunday. Alongside Branson were two pilots and three other employees. VMS Eve released VSS Unity at 40,000 feet. The rocket engine then flew at a faster rate to space, a report by BBC.

In free space at microgravity, the VSS unity floated in a weightless environment. First, the spacecraft rose to a height of 86.1km, which is almost 53.5miles. Then, it came back to the ground through the atmosphere in America. The departure point was the same as the arrival station.

Beth Moses is the chief astronaut who traveled in the first spacecraft. Furthermore, Sirisha Bandla, vice president of affairs, was inside Collin Bennet, a lead operation engineer. The two pilots, Michael Masucci and Dave Mackay were very skillful before the journey. They assured everyone that the spacecraft would come back very okay. These pilots were chosen as per their experience of flying up to 80 km.

Moderate VSS Unity should be able to carry six passengers per trip, excluding the two pilots. Virgin Galactic has already received orders for the upcoming next tourism to space. There are 600 reserved tickets to fly another crew member before the end of 2021. Each of those tickets cost between $200000 – $250,000. Only people with good income can afford to buy them.

Tourist to space

Branson said the company is working to make it possible for everyone to visit the space. He talks about the mission of Virgin Galactic is to achieve their long-term dreams of space travel. Over time, when the space company will start competing amongst each other, the price might reduce.

It was the second journey by Virgin Galactic in 2021. The first spacecraft traveled with a single person in April. All the spacecraft that have visited the free, weightless environment are under the testing category. The Virgin Galactic CEO said they would conduct commercial travel business in early January.

Before the end of this year, another two spaceflights will leave to the edge of space. Bandla, an engineer, flies to conduct his research with plants for the University of Florida. In addition, the company might still want to test on the latest programs to see if it suits the welfare of upcoming passengers.

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Virgin has partnered with a sweepstake company to carry two passengers free of charge. It will happen during the first commercial spaceflight. Branson said his company is trying to help others achieve their dreams through such offers. The company is working towards attracting more clients. There will be a challenge, and winners will be crowned with a fantastic offer.

Evolution of Virgin Galactic

Branson started his company Virgin Galactic in 2004. He had many ambitions that one day he would fly to the moon like Apollo. So his company bought a spacecraft designed by aerospace engineers. Amongst the creative team members was Burt Rutan, who scaled the composite to win a $10 million price. During that time, he went to space twice in two weeks.

During the development process, the company experienced significant setbacks. Among them was an explosion of the rocket engine that occurred during 2007. Three members died on the spot. In early 2014, co-pilot Michael died, and pilot Siebold suffered some injuries after the VSS Enterprise fall.

Until 2018, Virgin Galactic built a completely safe VSS Unity that reached the edge of space. Then, unfortunately, the Covid-19 caused some disruption. But earlier this year, they flew another spacecraft that came back safely.

Virgin Galactic acquires License

Branson’s company got its license from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly passengers into space. The process was challenging, as they had to undergo 29 verification stages. After May, spaceflight came back. Finally, the FAA completed the process, and the company was set free to do business.

According to the CEO’s report, Branson was to travel with the second spacecraft. But after they heard about Jeff Bezos flying on July 20th, they had to rearrange in favor of the founder. So if Blue Origin flies, Jeff will be the second billionaire to travel to space nine days after Branson. The two companies are very competitive. Elon Musk is also pumping a lot of money on his SpaceX to start a commercial business next year.

In the near future, spacecraft companies will be a billion-dollar business. Virgin Galactic, Space X, and Blue moon will compete among themselves.

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