New Twitter Ranks Conversations and Counts Replies

  • Sharnita Sanders
  • December 2, 2016
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Twitter has developed a new feature that will count replies and rank conversations. It will do this in the same way it tallies up retweets and likes. This will be Twitter’s way of keeping track of which conversations are sparking the most interest on Twitter.

When it comes to counting replies, the number will appear next to the reply icon. Twitter has hopes that this will inspire users to become more engaged in Twitter’s conversations. However, the total number of replies throughout the conversation will not be listed.

Conversation ranking, on the other hand, has been available on the desktop version of Twitter for nearly a year now. However, this will be the first time the option appears on Twitter’s mobile app. When users click to expand the replies for the conversation, different users will be shown different things. Therefore, none of the replies will be in order. This feature is based on user activity, or how high certain topics are ranked by the user. Since conversation ranking was accepted by users on the desktop version, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey believes that there shouldn’t be a problem on the mobile app.

This idea of conversation ranking mirrors the algorithmic timeline that Twitter added in February. The algorithm feature shows users the tweets it feels are most important. Some Twitter users found this feature upsetting since the algorithm basically shows you what it thinks you care about more.

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