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Pokemon Go is Benefiting Businesses

Pokemon Go is the new mobile app sensation. People are walking the streets catching Pokemon left and right with their eyes glued to their phones.

Many, however, choose to camp out near locations with Pokestops, stops that are used to replenish supplies for catching Pokemon and conquering Gyms in addition to gaining experience in game. Pokestops with lure modules also attract tons of Pokemon for a duration of 30 minutes and is encouraging foot traffic. This, in turn, is helping businesses, especially cafes and restaurants, that are located near Pokestops.

Pokemon trainers are bound to visit areas infested with Pokestops to reap items, experience, and Pokemon. Businesses are taking advantage of these conveniently placed Pokestops and are investing in lure modules to attract customers. Some businesses are offering discounts to people who are playing Pokemon Go if they are in certain teams or reach a certain level.

Pokemon Gyms are also attracting players. Pokemon trainers are eager to conquer these gyms for their respective Pokemon teams (Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor).It is, however, more likely for trainers to camp out at Pokestops than Pokemon Gyms.

Don’t fret if your business is not in front of a Pokestop or a Pokemon Gym because Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs plans to partner up with businesses by sponsoring locations in-game.

You can now lobby Niantic with Pokemon Go requests. You can request a Pokestop or a Pokemon Gym near your business. You can request Pokemon Gyms or Pokestops on the official Pokemon Go support page. Niantic, however, is unlikely to name residential areas Pokestops and even if you do send in a request for a Pokestop or Gym, it is not guaranteed that it will be accepted.

Niantic is uncertain about when they will implement these new sponsored locations in game, but Niantic told Times to expect an announcement soon.

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