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Remote Employees Living in Vans Don’t Want Physical Office

Van -Remoting working environment
Van with remote employees-Image by PublicDomainPictures Van with remote employees-Image by PublicDomainPictures
Van -Remoting working environment
Van with remote employees-Image by PublicDomainPictures Van with remote employees-Image by PublicDomainPictures

It was in May when the US government imposed lockdown. Many organizations closed their offices and recommended their employees to work from home. That was a relief to many employees, you can imagine high rent, early wake-up, and many tasks while in office. It was a good sign to most employees who hated being stalked by their seniors. Remote working has been a new norm for almost 2 years now, the report by cnbnews.

In a recent interview with various New York City residents, they had a lot to share with cbnnews. Some people said that remote working is giving them 100% freedom. You only need a Wi-Fi connection with high processor laptops. Together with the required software, you can therefore perform duties wherever you are. It’s now time to explore various places while working. There are no tied rules as to where you should sit while working.

Living and Travelling

One US citizen said he had lived almost half of his life in the new van since the ”work from home” rule was announced. He bought a van, in which they only stay with his wife and a dog. They have managed to travel to various places in the US. He drives from one location to another while enjoying beautiful picnics. Smriti Bhadauria will sit comfortably inside the van during its working hours and carry out the required duties.

He is not the only employee who left the rental house to adopt van life. We have several people who said they love the van lifestyle. It’s simple and appealing. But applicable only if you have a family of fewer than four members. Remote work has made life extremely simple, and the freedom is awesome.

Most of those who have adopted the van life has a hobby of traveling. It’s most applicable to extroverts. Also, you must have a good budget or get a high salary because the traveling cost is expensive. It seems cheap because you don’t pay monthly rent. Furthermore, the amount spent on hiring evening and morning cars is cut down.

Cailey Dillon is a full-time remote working employee for Customer service at RV Rental Company. He talks about the van as your home as well as a transport agent. He can do whatever he wants at any place. The van has all sorts of items from laundry to kitchen.

Vans Provide a cool working environment

Those who have large families and require much concentration also have been working in vans. The CEO of Rock, a tech startup, started working from his van during the weekdays. His children were busy with their homework, and he wanted to stay in a peaceful environment. He stays in his home, but he will drive away to a cool place to concentrate on his work during working hours. He has set up a favorite desk in the van where he writes codes for his own company. Sometimes he travels to beautiful places, and he might decide to take breaks to enjoy the cool climate outside.

The CEO prefers this mode of remote working. He has been commuting to Mountain View, California, where he worked for Google. I can’t imagine myself doing that again because there’s so much flexibility working from remotely” said Fong

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Setting up a good environment in a van can take a long time. If you have enough money, you can purchase an already converted van with all sorts of services. You have to pay a few dollars monthly for another service. Having a van costs less than acquiring office space. Horn speaks to cnbnews about himself and his father setting up the van lifestyle. She spent almost $35000 to varnish a second-hand van that she bought for $60,000. You have to set up a kitchen, an office and a place to sleep. Furthermore, don’t forget about the bathroom. But all these are basic and personal needs.

Internet and Computers

When it comes to remote working, the internet, and the computer are essential. Some people will need a single laptop. Tech guys will need several monitors to run their complex programs. To be safe, you need to carry two hotspots from different vendors. The reason being, some networks go off in specific locations.

Fong confirmed that a certain day at Sedona, none of his networks would work. He had to travel to a nearby city to get the right signals. Horn is a full-time worker who commences her activities from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. He says despite leaving in a van, it’s only during the weekend when they get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Jess confirmed that many van lifestyle people are freelancers. He is Sekar, a mobile application that helps people find the nearest wifi location or campsites. Freelancing gives you the flexibility to do a job whenever you want, either during the day or night. Bhadauria says much of his work gets done during the weekends.


Dirty And Loneliness

Remember, all activities are done in the van. Dillon, who has lived in the van for four continuous months, says it is tiresome to clean it. The van gets dirty as soon as you prepare a lunch or any meal. You should be able to live around dirt to survive. Horn, who lives with her father and contractors, says she always does all home core, tiresome.

The worst of all, if you have done don’t have any other person in the van, you stay lonely. You feel bad as it feels like society has rejected you. Dillon was in a similar condition where she felt lonely for the first three consecutive weeks. Bhaduri travels along with the dog and his wife; hence he is full company.

Few challenges are living in the van. But according to a compiled report by CNBC news, most of them said they wanted that life. Others preferred not to go back to their office if their companies allowed that. The pandemic has had a positive and negative impacts.

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