SeaWorld stock skyrockets

  • Ben Norman
  • August 6, 2018
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Featured image via Pixabay/MortenGraae

Are the “Blackfish” problems over?

After SeaWorld’s earnings report on Monday, the aquatic entertainment park/zoo saw its shares rise over 15 percent.

Visitors to the park increased by five percent in the second quarter, which is the second straight quarter of increases. This is positive for the SeaWorld, which has seen a drastic fall in visitors ever since the documentary “Blackfish” came out, which highlights an orca that had killed people because of its terrible living conditions at SeaWorld.

CEO John Reilly attributes the rise in visitors to new rides, discounted ticket prices, and revamped marketing tactics that focus on animal safety and rescue efforts.

However, they still face scrutiny from activist groups like PETA. The animal protection organization has given heavy criticism to SeaWorld and even convinced them to stop their orca shows. The organization even owns a stake in SeaWorld for more leverage with investors.

Nonetheless, SeaWorld’s stock is up 80 percent in the past 12 months, so it’s certainly on the up-and-up. In fact, it is currently at its highest point in the past four years.

The aquatic entertainment park might be able to finally turn things around after “Blackfish” destroyed its name. It will always face an uphill battle against PETA, but for now, executives can take a deep breath and know that the company may finally be rebounding.

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