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Self-Publisher Earns $450,000 on Amazon

Self-published writer Mark Dawson makes $450,000 by selling his works on Amazon.

The conventional way to get paid by being a writer is by finding a major publisher to mass produce your book. But Dawson is proving that this method is not necessary anymore and a writer can make a living by self-publishing.

After doing it the traditional way with his first book, Dawson wanted a way that he would make more revenue. His book had lacked any major reviews that would help it spark popularity.

He tells Forbes that the publisher did not do a good job with promoting his book.

For his second book he thought he would try something new. He published The Black Mile to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

At the start sales were very low so Dawson thought of doing free giveaways to have several readers try out his book.The book soon took way selling 50,000 copies in just one weekend.

With the confidence he achieved from the success of the sales Dawson treated self-publishing as his new career.

He introduced a new series that consists of six books about an assassin named John Milton and the series is expected to grow. To this day he has sold 300,000 copies since its release in June 2013.

Self publishing is a bit more work than the traditional route. Not only is the writer, the writer but their own marketer as well. Yet the extra work seems to be paying off for Dawson.

Self-publishing is a great tool for some. Bustle reported a study that concluded it is especially good for women by helping them empower their abilities and prove they can stand equal to fellow male writers.

Female writer E.L. James wrote her famous Fifty Shades of Grey series as a self-publisher. Her book has recently become a hit movie which premiered in theaters for Valentine’s Day this year.

Other authors such as Agnes Martin-Lugard with her novel Happy People Read and Drink Coffee and Lisa Genova with her book Still Alice were self-published until taken over for film creation.

Genova’s Still Alice achieved the most success out of the authors by earning half-million dollars and landing in the New York Times bestseller list in 2009 with a movie starring Oscar winner Julianne Moore.

So far Dawson is achieving a successful business from his self-publishing on Amazon and may remain doing so with growing popularity of his books.


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