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Who is Slender Man?: 12-year-old Wisconsin Girls Say They Stabbed to Please Fictional ‘Slender Man’

On Sat., May 31, two 12-year old girls held down and stabbed their also 12-year-old friend 19 times in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Since they are facing trial as adults, their names have recently been released: Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier. A complaint stated that Weier urged Geyser on, telling her to, “go ballistic, go crazy.”

Luckily, a passing cyclist stopped to save the victim who had stumbled out of the woods onto a road. He found her lying on the sidewalk, next to the I-94 highway, with a 5-inch knife still in her back. As the girls stabbed her she managed to stumble away, screaming that she hated them and had trusted them.

The pre-teen attackers told authorities that the act was committed as a first step of becoming “proxies”, or acolytes as they call it, to the Slender Man. The girls obtained information about this character from the internet. Geyser claims to see the Slender Man in her dreams and that she believes he watches her.

The Slender Man, or Slenderman, is an internet meme created in 2009. The mythical character was composed by “Something Awful” forum user, Eric Knudsen. The Slender Man has no real backstory, but rather appears in various fiction works which are mostly exhibited online. The fictional character is said to often stalk, abduct, or traumatize people. He especially goes after children. The Slender Man is portrayed as an emaciated, tall man with an emotionless and featureless face. He also wears a black suit. The Slender Man is associated with the forest and teleportation abilities.

According to her doctor, the young victim is currently stable. Remarkably, one of the stabbings missed a major artery close to her heart by only a millimeter.

The girls are being charged as adults for this assault and face up to 65 years in prison, if convicted. They were charged with first-degree attempted homicide on Mon., Jun. 2, in Waukesha County Circuit Court. Court bail was set at $500 thousand in cash for each girl. Geyser is represented by attorney Anthony Cotton, who has expressed concern over her mental health, while Weier is represented by attorney Joseph Smith Jr.

Apparently, the girls had planned to run away and take refuge in the demon’s forest mansion after their kill. A criminal complaint stated that the girls had been planning their attack for months and that the action was very deliberate. Weier has expressed regret for her actions while Geyser has apologized.

The girls wore shackles and jail jumpsuits in their court appearance. Geyser’s family members wept openly and Weier’s family members remained stoic. The girls will return to court on Jun. 11th for a status conference. Court Commissioner Thomas Pieper stated, “I recognize their young ages but it’s still unbelievable.”






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