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Starbucks Expands its Mobile Order & Pay Feature

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay option has increased their outreach to 26 states.

The feature has come a long way since it first began in December in Portland, Oregon. Since its debut, it’s made its way across the United States. The app allows for users to order and pay before they’re even in the coffee shop.

Those who may be wary about the amount of technology that goes into it, Starbucks employees promise that it isn’t that hard.

Starbucks quoted a store manager named Jesse Wenkoff-White who said, “It’s fun to have a conversation with customers and teach them how to mobile order. We can have fairly long lines in the morning and it’s such an awesome option for customer’s looking to run in and out if they’re running late. I’ve had so many people tell me how convenient and easy it is. Our customers that use it absolutely love it.”Use the Starbucks mobile app to efficiently order your meal.

Image via Starbucks

To do this, users open the app and choose the food or beverage they want, and from here they can choose the location that they want to pick it up at. In order to pay, users will utilize their Starbucks Card which should already have the funds loaded onto it.

According to Starbucks, “The Starbucks app for iPhone displays a barcode that can be used just like a Starbucks Card to make a purchase.”

Once you’ve chosen your order and your location, the app will give you directions on how to get to the location.

Another perk is that this app will allow you to digitally tip your barista. This can be done in $0.50, $1 or $2.

According to Forbes, from the beginning of the Starbucks Cards, “it turned out that empirical research showed that within the first year 75% of the cards were being used by the original purchaser. This very large but still rather secret fact informed the logical development of a mobile wallet.”

Using the card has other perks as well. It will allow you to gift Starbucks cards to other people, and users have the ability to accrue points through the Loyalty Program. For every purchase made using your Starbucks Card, users get one point. These points can be exchanged for free food or drink.

Through the app’s messaging service, users can receive coupons and updates from Starbucks.

According to Tech Crunch, “Today, mobile ordering is seeing consumer adoption for everything from quick coffee breaks for office workers to busy moms with kids in tow to commuters hopping off the bus and wanting to grab their drink quickly.”

As of now 650 stores have the capability of mobile order and pay.

According to Starbucks, amongst these locations are Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska.

Some other locations are in the Southern and Central areas of North America.

This mobile feature is simple enough that it has the capability of benefiting all Starbucks shoppers. As long as they have an iPhone, or an Android in the coming months, then using the feature should be a breeze.

Dunkin Donuts has a similar app and reward program, allowing for users to gain points based on how much money they spend per order. From here they can get rewards like free drinks, coupons for free or less expensive beverages and food orders.

However, Starbucks still has them beat. According to Business Insider, “In the second quarter it accounted for 15 % of the transactions in the U.S. company-operated stores, averaging 6 million transactions per week.”

With summer coming up, this app feature is just what you need to enjoy one of Starbucks’ refreshing ice teas or frothy mini Frappuccinos.

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