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Best Payroll Softwares in 2021

Best Payroll
Payroll- Image from Pixabay by MOhhamed_Hassan Payroll- Image from Pixabay by MOhhamed_Hassan
Best Payroll
Payroll- Image from Pixabay by MOhhamed_Hassan Payroll- Image from Pixabay by MOhhamed_Hassan

Paying contractors and employees can be a difficult task. Therefore, the manager in charge should choose the best payroll service to ensure a complete transfer of money. We have many online software programs that can perform this duty.

Some software can automate payment when the right time comes. Furthermore, payrolls produce receipts and keep a record of all transactions that took place. But as the organization team grows broader, there is a need to improve the online software payroll. So here are among the best payroll in the year 2021.


OnPay disburses monthly payments on time by sending money to respective banks or checks. It works well for a small organization with an unlimited number of employees.

If you have a business and you decide to do this on your own, it is cumbersome. Also, choosing a large payroll system software could mess with your small organization. OnPay keeps a record of all the data from each Employee. The software itself is interactive and easy to use.

While having problems with the system, their customer care is always available to cater to you. The system provides a wide variety of adding, removing, or modifying any payments. You don’t need to employ any technical team, but the platforms are enjoyable while in use. In a few minutes, you set the status of all the employees and run the payroll.

It’s one of the best payment methods because it offers unlimited chances to add new members. This can help while working with temporary employees or freelancers.

Payment: $36 per month + $4 per employee


Quickbooks Payroll

A scalable payroll system that easily integrates with QuickBooks. It has many tools, the inclusion of tax calculator and reports recording. The QuickBooks payroll provides both a desktop plan and an online plan. It’s the option of the user to decide on which is better.

Furthermore, there are some human resource services. This is useful for small businesses that cannot afford an HR manager to carry out some tasks. Online and desktop payroll plans vary depending on the service you want. The more complex you need, the higher you pay.

Online payroll prices are in three categories:

Core: $45 + $4 Per employee | Health benefits| Workers Compensation | Automatic payrolls

Premium: $75 + $8 Per Employee |Direct deposit | HR Support | Mobile Time Tracker

Elite: $125 + $10 Per employee |Project Tracking |Tax penalty protection| HR specialist


The desktop payroll has the following plans:

Basic: $29 + $2 Per employee | Direct deposit | Printable paychecks | Customer support

Enhanced: $45 + $2 Per Payrol | Making payments | Printable year tax |

Assistant Payrol: $109 + $2 Per Month | Calculate and Pay taxes| Time Management| Accurate


It is applicable for both small and large organizations. It pays for both long-term and even weekly contracts. You can manage up to 1099 contractors with additional freelancers who work with the company. The methods of payment are paper checks, direct deposit, and prepaid debit cards. In general, it can pay using all means of payment according to the employee’s wish.

You can only access the software online. Both Android and iOS can also manage the software through its respective application on the Google Play Store. It is very interactive and easy to use. Each employer is capable of logging in to have a look at their transaction. This is useful as the cases of salary reduction have been analyzed by the system data. There are multiple plans to choose from;

Flex enterprise is the most expensive as it offers HR administration tools with custom analytics. This is mainly recommended for big organizations that need a string HR administration. Payroll can compensate, benefit, hire and recruit employees.

Flex select comes the second with the ability to offer a dedicated payroll specialist to give advice. We onboard support labor compliance and payment of employees via Paycheck, the report by Paychex.

The cheapest plan any business can afford is the GO. It is basic with payroll processing power. Furthermore, there is a tax preparation service as well as time tracking.



For the large business that requires complex tools, ADP is there to cover for that. A company dealing with business in several countries has the option to use ADP as their best payroll.  The payroll system software program is flexible, offering specific platforms for both large, medium, and small businesses.

The software is available as standalone software on the desktop. You can also use an Android or iOS mobile device to operate the system. It’s faster when it comes to calculating employees’ wages for a large number of people. It is more accurate as compared to other means hence being ranked among the best payroll system.

Furthermore, you can integrate it with other software like time and attendance management. It has several packages of useful tools where the user chooses from. Here are the various payment plans for the system:

The essential plan: is the first and cheapest, which provides a service portal for all the employees. All payroll reports and important documents are kept in a safe place. There are also some hiring tools.

Enhanced:  All the essential properties are available. It adds on unemployment insurance management and ADP signatures while receiving payment. In addition, you can post a new job opening on ZipRecruiter.

Completed:  The software can track all applications for job openings. It keeps all the HR forms, training kits, and documents. The system offers you a team of HR specialists to guide you on any matters concerning HR departments.

HR Pro: The latest and most expensive system software comes along with the HR helpdesk. There are more handbooks for various employees and also little training. There is a legal assistant included who can handle issues like sexual harassment.


This is among the most helpful and best payroll as it offers customer service support. Deluxe team is always available to help you whenever you are stuck. The features that you need will determine the price plan to pay.

It is easy to navigate and use the platform. This is the best payroll for freelancer payment as it offers the capability to pay employees according to the number of hours worked. In addition, it generates reports and data after payment. Deluxe allows for direct deposit and paper checks only.

Customer service assistance from Deluxe can offer some advice on how to save money and time. There are two portals: Employee and employer. The employer portal has many features like payroll management and custom reporting. Employees can modify their profile anytime they feel like it. Furthermore, there is much third-party software like point-of-sales. It integrates with several external software.

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Gusto can serve 1099 freelancers and contractors while offering payments to W-2 employees. However, you can only use it online because it is a cloud-based platform. Some essential features include the autopilot tool and new hiring report.

For a business that requires more HR tools, then Gusto is the best payroll for that. The system connects to professional HR who can offer any advice as per your problems. Gusto comes with various pricing that runs from $19 – $149 per month. Besides, each employee must pay $6 – $12 depending on the payment plan registered by the respective organization.

Gusto does not need a professional to handle it. Instead, you need few hours of training you are set to operate it. There are simple large buttons that guide you on what to do. To sign in, Gusto, use these simple steps.


It requires only four simple steps to complete transactions. The payroll software offers the characteristics of making manual adjustments. You can process payments for 1099 contractors with a single click. Zenefits processes wages on direct deposits and records a report on the costs.

The payroll software can integrate with Zenefits HR modules to offer another service on one platform. You can manage time, schedule meetings, and meet other HR expectations using Zenefits. Time management is essential as you disburse the money exactly when the specified period ends without delays.

Pricing plans available are :

Essential: $10 per employer

Growth: $18 Per Employee

Zen: $27 Per Employee


Square is a well-known and popular payment processing platform. The company has gone ahead and made their payroll to ease the transaction for their customers. Their payroll has all the required functions we may need for various roles, the report by squareup. We have the power to process payroll for W-2 employees with freelancers and contractors for up to 1099 employees.

The system ensures that all employees are paid within the required time. If you run into a problem, send them an email or request a live chat. In addition, the system has a built-in function that allows you to call the customer care specialist when there is a massive problem.

It can integrate with software like point-of-sell. It’s easy to pay employees using their square space balance if they have those accounts. The system offers a variety of management tools. You can keep track of some tasks and allow workers to collaborate despite being far from each other. This is very crucial following the pandemic that has led to many people working from home. The pricing plan starts from $29 per month and an additional $5 per Employee. You can pay a lump sum of freelancers and contractors at only $5. It is among the few best payroll systems popularly used across the world.

Factors to Consider before Making a Choice on the Best Payroll

Before choosing the best method, always look for various factors—the size of the business matters. If you are a large organization, then opt for Paycheck, while a small organization may only need OnPay-. The cost plan per month is also a factor depending on the amount of profit the business is making.

If there is a need for an HR assistant, then be keen to choose the best payroll with Human resource tools. Additionally, payment options are something to consider. Therefore, always opt for a means that offers various options, or the one most employee has. Nowadays, almost 70% of people around the world possess a mobile phone. Thus, choosing a payroll with a mobile application is the best idea.

However, all payrolls have their disadvantages and advantages. So be keen to look at reviews before taking the next step to buy a plan.

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