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The secret to Keeping Staff Members During a Crisis

Staff members at the meeting
Staff members at the meeting - Image from Pixabay by mwitt1337 Staff members at the meeting - Image from Pixabay by mwitt1337
Staff members at the meeting
Staff members at the meeting - Image from Pixabay by mwitt1337 Staff members at the meeting - Image from Pixabay by mwitt1337

A promising startup or company should have an excellent leader to keep the staff together. Remember, an organization will depend on each other for it to prosper. Every party involved has a vital part to play. As a leader, you have to look for a method to persuade your members not to leave during dire moments. The Chief executive of Quin, Cyndi Williams, talks to BBC News about his rough moment as a leader.

Quin is a medical technology company that owns ‘Quin app‘ that assists diabetic people. She said the founder of the company left six months before the app was complete. This situation brought some fear to the company as I knew everyone would go their own way. AT first, the rest of the team was quiet, but she could sense bad breaths a few days later.

William had to gather some strategies that could keep the team players together. Luckily, everything went as expected. Six months later, they launched an app that serves almost 1 million people right now. The app collects data from affected diabetic patients and advises on the amount of insulin to take. Sugar levels are the main factor in knowing the type of insulin the patient needs to take. Before the user can take in any meal, they must first consult the app. By following all the steps correctly, the diabetic condition is managed correctly without doctors’ advice.


She said the app-building process started seven years ago. They launched it in Ireland and the UK during the pandemic, 2020. They are targeting to launch the app in the United States before the end of this year. The diabetic app cannot be live at this moment. Williams admits that the idea was from her colleague from childhood. But she decided to leave the company for no reason. How can a founder of a company leave on the way? That was the question that disrupted the rest of the staff.

Her colleague was the driver of their project. She made sure the product was moving forward by making follow-ups daily. Some staff workers used to put in more effort because she demanded more from her staff members. But now she is gone, will the company survive? Williams saw workers lose confidence in the project.

The company had a total of sixteen team members. Both coders and designers played a significant role in building the software application. Since they had worked for an extended period, single-member withdrawal would help men start the app afresh. If this happens, then they have to look for more money to pay other developers. The absence of cash would mean quitting the project. But Williams said she had seen almost five potential staff members who wanted to resign. The way they were handling tasks was not the same. Some efforts were missing, and that raised a red flag.

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Since William had experience working with substantial-tech companies in the US and UK, she brought the team together. She came with the best methods to retain all the workers. At this point, she was the leader at the same time, the product manager.

William advises young startup CEOs to practice the following three things: The first one, a leader must get to know if they are learning from minor mistakes. It’s through trial and error that you grow as a strong and wise team leader. Second, despite the staff members being employees, you must have friends among them. Remember, employees can share their problems when alone, but having a friend tell you about their secret is the best idea. Then you will correct a place where you feel they are throwing blame.

The last method is your progress, and you are making an impact through the project. The time you are spending, is it worth the thing you are doing? William persuaded her team through daily meetings. She gave them motivation that the app was something essential they were building. Finally, everything was in order. All the staff members decided to stay and complete what they started.

Leadership matters a lot when it comes to any development. It is the driver who sets up gears in the company. First, make sure the team members are working in a better environment. When everyone is comfortable, the company will grow.

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