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  • Trump Claims Victory Over Sprint’s 5,000 New Jobs

Trump Claims Victory Over Sprint’s 5,000 New Jobs

  • Sharnita Sanders
  • December 30, 2016
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Sprint says it will “create or bring back” nearly 5,000 customer care and sales jobs for Americans. Another company called OneWeb also plans to create around 3,000 jobs for Americans.

President-elect Donald Trump claims to take credit for both announcements.

SoftBank, a Japanese company that owns controlling stake in Sprint and has large investments in OneWeb, had announced it had a 50,000-job plan this winter. Whereas SoftBank had announced it would make $100 billion in technology investments long before Trump won the election, it didn’t announce the addition of jobs until December.

Although some of its jobs are still headed for Mexico, Sprint’s job announcement follows a month after Trump helped the company retain nearly 800 jobs. Sprint did, however, cut 2,500 call center jobs earlier in the year.

Despite cutting jobs, though, Sprint, along with SoftBank, says it is in full support of Trump. Sprint CEO said that the company is “excited to work with President-elect Trump and his administration to do our part to drive economic growth and create jobs in the U.S.”

OneWeb CEO, Greg Wyler, says that Florida-based will bring “lots of skilled manufacturing jobs” and that the company has hopes of bringing internet access using small satellites. Wyler did say that his biggest concern as a business owner is taxes and hopes Trump has plans of lowering them in the next four years.


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