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Twitch Users Spent 292 Billion Minutes of 2016 Streaming

It’s estimated that Twitch users spent 292 billion minutes watching Twitch last year. That’s an estimated 4.86 billion hours or 555,555 years. There were 14.2 billion in chat messages were sent and almost 153 million whispers were sent. Yet the most favorable game watched last year was Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Even though Overwatch was the most watched game, the most favored shooter remains Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game has remained on top as a favorite since it was first launched. Even though it’s remained on top, Pokemon Go became the first mobile game to skyrocket to the top of Twitch charts. The farming simulator Stardew Valley also gained recognition as one of the top ten new releases of the year. When it comes to PS4 games, however, Uncharted 4 was one of Twitch’s most popular. Minecraft also gained a reputation for being in the group of Twitch’s top ten most watched and streamed games of the year.

Last year Twitch reported 2.2 million users. The company also pulled in $25.3 million from charity which brought on a growth of almost 48 percent compared to the year before. There was also a report that stated that $2.58 million of that money was raised by the Yogscast’s Jingle Jam charity. Another $9 million was raised through the Extra Life for the Children’s Miracle Network. There was also $2.51 million raised by Games Done Quick.

However, the only money raised wasn’t just by charity. Nearly one million of the Twitch Prime free subscriptions were used in 2016. That raised a total of $500,000 due to its Prime subscription charity drive.

In the long run, the Kappa was the most used emote with 413 million uses. There was also a large number of chats that, an estimated 10 percent, used the Auto Mod feature. Out of all of Twitch’s recent accomplishments, the launch of the new Communities feature ads to its achievements. The Communities feature allows Twitch users to find relevant content easily.

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