Twitter Shuts Down Popular Social Media Application ‘Vine’

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  • October 29, 2016
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Social Media websites and apps have become an integral part of how people communicate with one another, with many businesses making their names by offering new and inventive ways to connect with others. As the times change, some sites become out of date and not as popular as they once were, even if they were so explosively popular. This seems to be the case for one video sharing application. According to BBC News, Twitter has chosen to shut down their video-sharing application ‘Vine.’ This news is surprising to many people who partake in social media.

The news of Vine’s closing came on Thursday afternoon. BBC News is reporting that Twitter  just announced its decision to close the service by discontinuing the mobile app. Vine has been up and running for about four years. The application became especially popular with online musicians, comedians, artist, and those who wanted to view their work. The site has even been able to propel some people into mainstream popularity and begin their careers and fortunes based on the content they created for the platform.

Vine was one of the first social media applications that incorporated videos into its services, and the application was purchased by twitter for about $30 million by the Twitter corporation before it officially launched in 2012. The site began to lose popularity with the launch of applications like ‘Snapchat’ and when Instagram incorporated videos into its application, allowing users to do relatively the same thing they were able to do on Vine.

Though the sites application will no longer be available for usage on phones, the content that is now available on the site will still be available for view and download through regular internet access via a phone or computer. BBC News is reporting that the owners have stated they “think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made.”

Vine was a small, but influential part of the social media craze that has struck the world in the last decade. Though the app is being shut down, the impact it’s had on video sharing among people will not be forgotten. Careers have been made through the platform, and here is hoping that they find a new home on an equally as successful application.

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