Why Every Business Should Use Project Management Software

  • Vladimir Sumina
  • April 29, 2019
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Running a successful business today is more complex than ever before. Even though the global market is vast and open to everyone, this means that there is also a lot more competition. Every day, new companies rise and fall. The very way business is conducted has changed, and so have the methods and methodologies around it.

Project Management has become a cornerstone of business. With so many of the workforce now working remotely, and with projects, increasing in size, complexity, and scope, this is a necessity.

These are some of the reasons why every business, regardless of size or the industry, they operate in, should consider using Project Management Software.


Centralized Project Planning

Having everything pertaining to a project you are working on in one place ensures that mistakes and uncertainty will be reduced to a minimum. You should make sure that the most important communication isn’t scattered over email chains or various instant messengers, but takes place inside the Project Management software itself. This way, everyone involved will know if and when changes to a project occur.

This is especially important for remote workers, who often work in different time zones than the rest of the team, and have to rely on clear and precise instructions their colleagues leave them.

Better Time and Cost Evaluations

One of the best things about having a tried and true work methodology such as this is that you can make more informed predictions about when the project will be done and how much it will cost.

This is because the best Project Management Software has many built-in notification and scheduling options, which can remind both employees and upper management that the deadlines are fast approaching. By making use of them, you can get a sense of the phase the project is currently in, and how much longer it will take until it is complete.


Document and Pertinent File Sharing

To avoid mix-ups, the most important project documentation should always be directly available to view and download to all the people involved in the project. For example, designers should never have to be unsure what raw files they need to be working on – these should be neatly attached and placed directly inside that project.

Other specs and a broad overview of the project should similarly be made available to employees, management, and clients – if they are also a part of the project – at all times.

Time Tracking

The feature that allows you to see how long it took for something to get done. Some employers take this too far and demand to know what every minute of work was spent on, but it is good to know which workers actually work, and which ones slack off.

This feature also comes in very handy for dealing with those clients that pay by the hour. Instead of giving a vague time estimate that some of them probably won’t agree to pay, you can show them the time sheets and how every hour of work is completely justified.

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