Woman Hunter from Idaho Posts Photos of Her Kill on Facebook

  • Leanne Coelho
  • August 3, 2015
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In the light of certain recent events involving Cecile the lion, people all over social media are expressing just how much they truly detest hunting. It isn’t just the usual animal lovers and animal welfare groups who are posting their views but, also the general public.

Finally it seems that the human race is genuinely compassionate about a creature that is unable to voice their own opinion. That in itself is a great victory for humanity.

However, even though the majority of public share this opinion, not everyone feels the same way. One such person is a woman from Idaho, who loves to hunt apparently. Sabrina Corgatelli went to South Africa for a holiday and went on a hunting spree.


via Facebook

During her trip Corgatelli killed a giraffe, an impala, a crocodile and many more. The woman whose profile on Facebook does not seem to have too many security settings is now under scrutiny.


via Facebook

People everywhere are openly commenting on the photographs she has posted of her kill and are criticizing it very much. People from all over the world are talking about how they think her act was cowardly and nothing to be proud of at all.

Hopefully, the amity between humans and animals continue in this way and the future generation will be influenced to show kindness towards all beings.

Photos Courtesy of Sabrina Corgatelli/Facebook

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