Woman Wins a $43 Million Jackpot, but Instead gets a Steak Dinner?

  • Taylor Eckley
  • June 18, 2017
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How often have you found yourself spending all your money in a casino? You think you will have better luck next time, so you go back to try again. You sit down to play a slot and BAM you hit the jackpot you win big, $43 million dollars the screen says. Well, this happened to a woman named Katrina, and began taking pictures doing the happy winning dance, she just hit an enormous winning and she could not be more excited. Oh, but wait, she goes to get her winnings and the casino workers tell her no, you actually have not won that money, but we can offer you a complimentary steak dinner and $2.25 because that is what the winning should have been for that specific slot. Now you’re confused, angry and upset, how can a slot machine just lied to you about that much money for a winning.

The casino staff told Katrina that there was a malfunction in this specific slot machine and that is the reasoning to why she will not be winning the $43 million, as she had previously thought. The correct amount that should have been shown on the screen was $2.25 so is that is what they offered her plus the steak dinner, but Katrina turned that down. According to her lawyer now she will be filing a lawsuit against the casino, located off of Rockaway Boulevard, and will be pursuing $43 million in damages. But she is not only going after the casino for the confusion in her winnings but the casino’s parent company and the manufacturer of the slot machine. Katrina’s lawyer has a 17-page complaint about her experience at the casino and some of the issues in it include alleged common-law negligence, breach of contract and negligent representation.

As a casino you cannot just say a machine is broken because you think it is when it is to your benefit, there has to be reasoning and specific reasoning and proof at that. People come to a casino to gamble and are expecting to win the money in which slot machines announce, and when a case like this happens it sends a message that anyone who has ever played this slot has never truly had a chance to really win. Does this casino not check their machines for glitches, and do maintenance work on them to make sure they run properly? People come to casinos to win big and win money not to be in a position of zero chance to really win and out of the money they deserve.

Katrina feels like she was not treated fairly. The casino should have recorded a check on all slot machines to make sure they are up to par for those people coming to play, so an occurrence like this does not happen. It has caused psychological agony for Katrina and put her in a situation where she did not even have a chance or opportunity to truly win because she dedicated her time to this machine because she thought she could win big. No one wants to go to a casino and get played, they are there to win big and win what they deserve because that is what the machine says. Maintenance checks and truthfulness in casinos needs to be up to standard and for the greater of the people because they are there to try to win.

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