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10 Low-Cost Business Ideas to Invest In

business ideas- Image from pixabay by StartupStockPhotos
business ideas- Image from pixabay by StartupStockPhotos business ideas- Image from pixabay by StartupStockPhotos
business ideas- Image from pixabay by StartupStockPhotos
business ideas- Image from pixabay by StartupStockPhotos business ideas- Image from pixabay by StartupStockPhotos

Everyone who wants to invest his money in business should understand how hard the industry is. If you have a mentality of getting rich quickly, then you might lose. 

Even with online business ideas, things are still tough. But people still invest in small businesses and earn a lot. So you need to do research first, to find a gap in the market. Then look for a profitable business with less capital. Here are some of the business ideas that you might venture with a low amount of dollars.


1. Launch a dropshipping store  

With your small budget, dropshipping can be the best choice. Dropshippipping is when you decide to source a product from the supplier and let them package it. Then, the customer makes an order for the product from you and collects it at your supplier. 

This saves you time and money from purchasing products that are not selling. In addition, it eliminates any risk of taking purchasing many goods that might go bad if they are perishable. If you lack an online store, Orbelo is the best place to work on dropshipping.

 Why Dropshipping?
  • You require no warehouse to deal with the products.
  •  The supplier handles most processes.


2. Become a freelance writer and designer  

Graphic designers, developers, and writers earn a lot while working online. First, you have to put your skills on a good platform and sell yourself. Remember, this can be a side hustle; commit some of your time to minor projects. Accounts like Fiverr and Upwork will help you earn a lot. Those online freelancing accounts have hundreds of business ideas.

Why Writer and designer?
  • It’s easier to choose a project that you want. Earning a job you like is something positive to your life.
  • You get experience on the job. The more you work, the higher the number of chances to land new jobs.


 3. Teaching an online course 

This is a low-cost investment to generate more money. Having a YouTube channel might be a plus, but it’s not compulsory. Just record yourself on video showing what you can do best. Then, post it to relevant platforms. It’s one of the business ideas you can start with less than $200.

Designing high-profile courses are sometimes ambiguous. But it only requires a camera and a mic. Many people during the pandemic land their tutors online. Platforms like Udacity, Tutor, Udemy are still looking for those skills you have. Screen apps such as ScreenFlow will be of use while in this field.

Why Become a tutor?
  • You can do one full course that might generate money for the rest of your lifetime. 
  • You also feel good teaching new things to students. It’s worth rewarding
  •  As a tutor, you gain more knowledge while sharing what you know.


1. Publish your book 

Do you have a passion for writing books? Have you ever thought about millions of people getting a piece of your mind? Looking at the new york times tower, seeing your book as a bestseller might sound like an unachievable dream.

 Currently, if you have writing skills and talent, it’s a better time to publish. Many platforms support writers like the TikTok #bookselling. If your book is eye-catching, you might earn a lot. So you decide to spend a few dollars and print it on CreateSpace or Blurb online platforms.

Why publish a book?
  • Using online publishers, storage, printing, and publishing are taken care of by the company.
  •  You earn from your passion; it’s better for your health.


5. Become a virtual assistant 

This is a chance for those individuals who have good communication skills to operate behind the scenes. A virtual assistant helps businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs organize and run their daily curriculum. You get involved in activities like making and receiving calls, managing the markets, and many more.

  Why Virtual Assistant?
  • Through a freelancing platform, you may choose to work with clients in the industry of your choice.
  •  You also get to interact with people across the world.
  •  As you gain more experience, you are also expanding your network. As a result, it might be easier to secure more jobs.


6. Become an influencer

 Do you have strong social media accounts with many followers? If not, then create one. If you are creative, start making videos and spend most of the time on those sites. Engage your followers who might become your future customers. Although the industry is condemned for having dishonest people, you can stand out as the best influence. It’s one of the popular business ideas driving the digital marketing industry.

Many people earn a lot while advertising for brands on Instagram. More engaging followers will help brands reach out to your portfolio.

 Why become an influencer?
  • It’s the best moment to engage yourself in marketing.
  • The influencer gets to learn more skills on the job given. For example, other brands might refer you to their partners.


7. Build apps and websites  

Here it requires much of your time rather than money. You need those skills. Learn how to create ShopifySphopifywebsites, mobile apps, and general websites. Many businesses want their sites live. You may decide to create a sample of Shopify themes and sell them.

 Why become a website and app developer?
  • Technology is at its peak this season. The demand for technical skills will still rise in the coming decades.
  •  Many platforms offer free courses. Also, there exist many sites where you can secure a job.


8. Launch a podcast 

Do you have a loud and good voice? These are very creative business ideas that might generate a high income while working at home. There are a variety of ways you can monetize the podcast. One, you might decide to start a YouTube channel, then shift to a blog. The only requirements are a camera, audio software, and a quality microphone. Such properties make it appear among low-cost business ideas in the future. 

It’s easier to get a larger audience when you merge with popular figures in the industry. Allow your community to share and comment on your post. Come up with good content,

  Why Podcast?
  • Podcasts are growing. The report from America showed that a51% f citizens listen to podcasts.
  •  Having a blog or a youtube will earn you revenue for the rest of your life.


 9. Create handmade goods

 Jewelry, picture frames, bangles, and furniture can still earn you great money. You need to have a strong online community where you can advertise your product. Having a team of followers who support your business will be a plus. Platforms like Etsy and Craigslist will store and sell your product. It’s easier to see orders and track the response of customers.

Why handmade gods?
  • Using your skills and ability to create products that bring money would be good.
  •  It’s easier to create your schedule because there is no one to commend what you do.
  •  You might decide to grow big within a short period.


10. Start a blog  

Blogging is now being used as a monetizing tool for thousands of people across the world. A simple guide and blogging require full dedication during your early stages of launching it. Before you become a Google advertiser, you must be getting above 50 readers per day. This is only possible if your niche is appealing to readers. Blogging is one of the low-cost business ideas to earn money from.

 Find the best niche where you have much knowledge. Then invest in a paid blog. You might decide to start a free blog or paid version, but it is recommended to invest some money to make it grow. 

 After getting much traffic, become an affiliate marketer, collaborate with various brands to advertise their products. Also, there is the possibility of selling our product on the site. 

 Why Blog?
  •  The blog will grow as time goes by. The number of followers is unlimited.
  •  It’s a long-term site to earn your income until you are old.
  •  You can boost your writing skills in your field and also attract clients who might need writers.


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