The Best Startup Helping Small Business Around the Globe

  • Mania Joseph
  • October 5, 2021
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 Setting up a business and managing it is hard. There are a lot of minor things that are necessary. But nowadays, technology has made it easier to set up and run a lot of stuff done manually in the past. Startups have come to rescue small businesses

You may decide to grow your business using consultants, agencies, or mobile applications. There are many companies able to accelerate your daily activities by offering support. This might help you concentrate on production. Here are the best companies that might be useful for your small business:


A New York startup that helps small and medium business manage they accounting and financial activities. It helps HR in the hiring process. It makes use of machine learning technology to predict the best candidate for such a job. 


In the past, companies preferred the use of office phone systems. That means even a small business would have to buy one or two phone systems for each department. But currently, a lot of staff have transferred to the cloud.

Dialpad startup, founded in 2012, was invented to reduce the use of desk phones. The company receives support from Softbank, Workbench, and Google Ventures. In addition, they offer a free version of their cloud phone system. As a result, it is easier to integrate with email addresses, Office 365, and Google G.

Bento for Business

The web application can create employee’s expenses and manage all finances and pricing plans of the business. The user links it to a debit card and narrows down the activities that took place. Thus, it’s able to serve many employees at the same time. For example, let’s say you want to offer them a holiday bonus; Bento pays all the funds simultaneously.

The app was mainly built to serve small businesses. However, it helps managers save time when it comes to expense management. 


Digital marketing has taken the world of business from another angle. Almost all companies use email marketing to attract clients. SendGrid startup is here to help you send your email service to large groups of people.

The company earns above $100 million in revenue with a total of 580000 loyal paying clients. Uber, Airbnb, and Yelp are the top large companies using the service. SendGrid is also of help to minor companies. It started in 2009 by guys from humble beginnings. 


It helps smaller and larger teams corporate and performs their duties together. Furthermore, it allows employees to manage and get the job done within the specified duration of time. The top companies using Unito are and HP. But Unito is employed by many smaller organizations. The company bragged about helping small businesses in saving more than 300hours a year.


Do you want to streamline events or supplement bookings? Tripleseat startup was mainly developed to cater to hotels, restaurants, and other venues. It’s able to generate leads, create proposals, and able to plan events. Morse, the CEO, said their main focus is to create a unique customer experience service. If you want to host something like a movie theater, alleys, or bowling, Tripleseat will save you time and resources.

The company started in 2007. The main aim was 

changing the dining space.


When hosting a business, it’s very useful to have an online team. Trends, traffic, and customer reviews provide the business owner with positive insights. Womply is dull here. The Software as a Service company is located in Portland, with a maximum of 225 employees.

It serves almost 100,000 small startups across the world. It plays the following roles :

  • Boost your online presence to reach a lot of people
  • It engages your daily customers to create a defied relationship
  • Also, is it possible to note the health status of your business

The data collected by the app can provide much information about traffic responses. 



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