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  • Baby Trump Balloon Flies High in London For The Presidents Visit

Baby Trump Balloon Flies High in London For The Presidents Visit

  • Peter Boyer
  • July 14, 2018
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Protestors in London protested Trump’s visit to London by coming together in the tens of thousands and hoisting a large balloon of “Baby Trump”. People were banging pots and pans together while they chanted different slogans about the U.S. president. Tensions and frustrations were running high.

The balloon was 20-feet-high and was chosen to represent a baby because Trump “is uniquely vulnerable to personal insults, so we just got right down at his level, to speak to him in a language that he understands” said Leo Murray, one of the people responsible for the baby blimp.

Jeremy Corbyn, U.K. opposition leader, led the protestors in a speech in London’s Trafalgar Square.

“Together, here in London and around this country, our message to our visitor is we’re united in our hope for a world of justice, not division, we’re united in our hope to end racism and misogyny, we’re united in hope for all our diversity,” Corbyn told a crowd of over 100,000 protestors.

The posters and chants included the following slogans: “Dump Trump”, “Trump Special Relationship: Sy No”, “Child Snatcher”, “Hey, ho, Donald Trump has got to go”.

An American expatriate, Lucy Lawson, called the protest childish:

“Why are people going down to his level? Why are they being so childish? It’s because of his childlike leadership that we are in this mess.”

According to surveys by YouGov, a British non-partisan polling organization, 11% of Brits think Donald Trump is a “great” or “good” president while 67% think he is a “poor” or “terrible” President. Despite these results, Trump commented, “I think they like me a lot in the U.K.”.

Trump is now in Scotland, and will be spending his time at the Trump Turnberry, one of two golf courses that he owns in the U.K. During a press conference, a protestor threw a box of golf balls with swastikas on them at the president. Trump will most likely face anti-trumpers throughout the remainder of his trip.

Featured Image via WABC

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