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Climate Change Affects the Timing of Natural Processes

  • Global warming is becoming more concerning by the minute.
  • Climate change has made an impact on the timing of natural processes.

One of the most pressing issues in this generation is the negative impact that capitalism has towards the environment. To start off, there is a significant number of people out there who believes the fact that it is just a hoax – and changing that is the first common sense that should be instilled. This is an alarming issue as seen from the biological aspect of nature.

Every species in the world, regardless of how self-sufficient one is, is still reliant on a separate life form. This is simply the chain of life. However, some species are more dependent the others, so any changes in one may lead to the death of another.

According to WRIC, global warming has severely affected the timing of natural processes. For instance, predators need to wander and migrate when their preys do. Flowers that have blossomed requires the effort of the bees in order to pollinate. These little things have gone through slight alterations because of the changes in the climate. The study concludes that there is a noticeable difference between the current situation and the settings prior to 1980s. Heather Kharouba is the head of the research and an ecologist at the University of Ottawa. She has given a definite statement towards the issue.

“There isn’t really any clear indication that it is going to slow down or stop in the near future.”

Another example can be observed in the migratory patterns of the Eurasian sparrow hawk. In the Netherlands, the Eurasian blue tit is the prey of the hawk. Through a juxtaposition of the current timing of the situation dated back to 16 years ago, scientists have found that the blue tit has migrated sooner such that its predator is coming in almost a week later. This means that the hawk has not been able to feed on its prey.

Kharouba proceeds to explain that the caribou are three days behind the plants’ arrival. As a consequence, “more of the baby caribou are dying because there wasn’t enough food”.

Richard Primack, a biology professor at the Boston University has included the following statement in an email.

“It demonstrates that many species interactions from around the world are in a state of rapid flux. Prior to this study, studies of changing species interactions focused on one place or one group of species.”

In a larger narrative, however, the problem with the environment is a direct outcome of capitalism, a system that centers on profit maximization. This results in the exploitation of nature. As the production of goods depletes the natural resources, compounds that are harmful to the environment is created. To improve the situation, nonetheless, means that people have to view moderation as the new common sense since greed is the ultimate factor, otherwise known as just another human nature – but isn’t that something to be challenged for improvements?

Subsequently, the use of social media such as ‘Twitter’ can be used as a platform to create a change. Take President Trump’s involvement and constant use of Twitter to convey his ideologies for instance. Such example serves to show the influence social media has on our lives nowadays, such that common sense, or other beliefs, are often derived from the internet.

Kate Crehan, an Assistant Professor and author in the field of psychology, sociology and anthropology has proclaimed the following statement.

“Intellectuals and the popular element may draw on different narratives, but we all perceive a world rendered intelligible by the assumptions we bring to it, whether we have unthinkingly absorbed these from our environment.”

This statement can be applied to this case, whereby people are absorbing information, unthinkingly, from social media. Hence, by raising awareness, and reminding the people of the severity of the issue through such means can challenge every individual mindset – especially if the information is revealed by a prominent figure. Another aspect to interfere with would be the education system. By vastly improving the education received by the mass public, especially youths, who are the future of the nation, the idea to save the environment will be imparted and set in their mentality, leading to a possible change. Yet again, all of these approaches require the cooperation of those in power, politicians perhaps, or the people, who are in the upper percentile, in terms of wealth.

To sum it up, we need to transform our community into one that incorporates the idyllic human moral and compassion because any issue aforementioned (environment, education, capitalism), can only see a change if a majority of the population reaches the same common sense.

Featured image via flickr/ ozma

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