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Covid-19 Vaccines and its Effects on Globalization

Covid-19 vaccine label
Image from unsplash by Markus Winkler Image from unsplash by Markus Winkler
Covid-19 vaccine label
Image from unsplash by Markus Winkler Image from unsplash by Markus Winkler

Covid-19 vaccine arrived in Africa from Manhattan, New York. Research has been on the front row to search for viruses, and finally, WHO declares it is available. But how sure are people about the vaccine? Many individuals have doubts if it will work.

For the second time, I see the economic world coming into stumble due to various reasons. Few countries have started imposing strong laws on those people from foreign countries. African nations have received a note to ensure they travel with Covid-19 vaccine certification. This arose after several countries rejected the free vaccine distributed.

The Covid-19 vaccine gets rejected by some countries.

Tanzania has been at the top of boycotting those vaccines, according to Government officials have been declaring their nation is free from Coronavirus. The arrogance of the government officials continues to affect the common citizens. The country has reacted to the vaccine.

It’s not Tanzania only; we have many countries in the world who are doubting the vaccine. Many African doctors reacted to those vaccines that they received free of charge. There is no vivid description of how to use the vaccines. The lack of pros and cons on the drugs’ vaccine is what is bringing all these doubts.

Many developed nations are going to apply strict laws on virus vaccines. Some have already imposed that no one will enter a country with reading covid-19 certification. This is a big blow to countries whose governments have shown no interest in vaccines.

The power of globalization has always helped most countries achieve their objectives. With such rules, there will be inefficient movement and negotiation among nations. The worst of all is that the normal citizen is the one to suffer. First-world nations have been there for poor African countries for a long time. So, misunderstanding will only bore negative fruits that hound citizens.

Star magazine-Covid-19 vaccine

Image from Unsplash by Little plant

Misunderstanding among countries on Covid-19 vaccine

Export and import are the main sources of foreign exchange. Restriction means that some countries won’t import goods from nations with no vaccines. Developed nations will export their goods to other nations, but they resist importing from the same country. This will act as one side’s benefit over the other. Such difficulties lead to fluctuation in the price of goods.

Since Africa is yet to develop, it exports most of its products in raw form. Without exportation, there will be plenty of similar products in the nation hence a price reduction. This causes the market price to stumble; hence the product makes a great loss. This will lead to the free sharing of goods and products among nations that flow in the same boat. Those that will reject the vaccines will have to exchange their goods and services among themselves.

Vaccine travel passport 

Developed countries like Italy, China, the USA, etc., received a big blow on the pandemic. Millions of people died within a short period. This took a long time before they could come up with solutions to reduce the spread of diseases. Although they are rich in technology, the number of deaths was shocking. They’ve managed to combat the disease and open up a business, but there’s still some fear. This fear comes from unknown long-term effects of the coronavirus. They are rushing to take the vaccine to protect each other fully against the Covid-19. Read more about the vaccine on

This is the best reason why they want a confirmation Covid-19 certificate. They are protecting themselves against the second outbreak that might occur due to ignorance. The small misunderstanding between government officials is what will affect trade between nations.

There is something to smile about as the issues have narrowed down to companies employing manpower. Airlines, meat packers, and pharmaceuticals have already given vaccines to their workers.

Neither are the nations accepting the vaccines, nor those who don’t are on the wrong side. The communication from the World Health Organization on the Covid-19 vaccine is not clear. This is causing African countries to reject the drug. But if they come up with a good medical explanation, everyone will accept the vaccines.

Measures to put across

Let us not affect our market only because of vaccines. People can still work together, allowing immigration and emigration of people according to their wish. Exportation and importation should continue as normal because of fewer risks of contracting the virus. Focusing on big goals will kill the small issues of Covid-19 vaccines. Supporting each other is the way to foster a good relationship in the world.

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