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Facebook creates 1,000 new jobs in Britain

Facebook creates 1,000 jobs in Britain
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Facebook creates 1,000 jobs in Britain
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Facebook announced on Tuesday that the company plans to create 1,000 new jobs in the UK. This includes adding to its existing team to fight against harmful content.

The social media giant will create such jobs throughout the year to increase the UK’s workforce more than 4,000. Over half of the new work is for software engineering and other technical functions.

There is also a lot of work to create a tool to notice that harmful content has been removed from Facebook and WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram platforms.

Facebook is making significant efforts to eliminate fake propaganda and bad material from its sites, as authorities are pressing large companies to control the platform better.

More than half of these jobs raise the total workforce of the UK group to 4,000 and are dedicated to artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and especially software engineering or product design.

Facebook creates 1,000 job in Britain


For whom are these jobs?

The majority of these positions for the employee who can “develop” tools and technologies to proactively detect and eliminate harmful content from their platform.

According to the statement, the London office will bring together a team “on everything from fighting spam to harassment and threats” on behalf of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Spreading hate online

London is Facebook’s largest engineering center outside the United States, and the group is building new offices in two buildings around Kings Cross. Another internet giant, after Google. The first building will open next year.

Internet giants, especially Facebook and Google, are under pressure from many governments to combat the spread of hatred online, incitement to violence, and praise for controlling terrorism, in addition to disinformation.

Google and Facebook are in a fascinating offensive between the Davos conference and major European capitals that are looking to tighten government regulation, such as France.

The head of Google, Sundar Pichai, was called by the European Union on Monday, calling for a “balanced approach ” to regulate artificial intelligence, raising the issue of  “deep fake ” and generated by intelligence algorithms. Artificial, and secondly, face recognition technology that misleads content.

Facebook said an essential part of its growth plan was to develop WhatsApp and Workplace messaging applications further, latter being for businesses and considered a rival to Slack and Microsoft team applications.

In the UK, governments are expected to enact new laws to deal with damage online. The proposal presented in last year’s whitepaper emphasized the formation of an autonomous regulatory body that could put senior management personally responsible for not restricting the exchange of harmful positions.

After this announcement, it is expected that there will be more options for software developers in the UK. This step also helps to control offensive material on Facebook.  They are also planning to expand this initiative for other countries as well so that the youth will have better career options.

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