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Facebook Messenger Makes It Easier To Contact Businesses

Facebook has long been the communication tool of choice for much of the world’s population, but there has been one area in particular that has drawn the ire of many users of the popular messaging service: contacting businesses.

Facebook has announced several changes in a series of new updates aimed at allowing users on the service to have an easier time contacting and finding businesses. Over-saturation is an ever-growing concern in todays digital marketplace, with countless businesses entering the fray everyday. Many different options is always a good thing for the consumer, but there needs to be tools in place to wade your way through the myriad of choices, and Facebook has taken the steps to alleviate that concern.

Here are some of the new changes in the updates:

  • Personalized Messenger usernames for businesses, making it easier for users to find the businesses they are looking for in the Messenger.
  • Automatic Business greetings in Messenger, allowing businesses to have a stock message that appears in every Messenger conversation automatically, giving users information and setting tone.
  • Messenger codes, allowing businesses to have a personalized code they can use in advertising that users can scan with their Messenger app to open a thread in Messenger.
  • Shortened Messenger Links, which gives businesses shorter links for their Messenger conversation threads, allowing users to simply click on them to start the thread.

Businesses are always looking for more avenues to directly talk with consumers, so this is a welcome addition for those running business PR and marketing. Many other messenger apps such as Snapchat have popularized some of the new additions in this update, so users who have been clamoring for these changes to be added to Facebook are sure to be excited.

More and more large businesses are carrying out customer service using social media, so these changes will be put to good use. Facebook wants to be as attractive as possible to businesses, otherwise they might skip the service and go to services providing the options they are looking for. Look for even more changes to Messenger and other similar apps in the future as we see more and more companies phase out more traditional customer service models.

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