Facebook Will Allow you to Send Direct Messages to Everyone

  • Henriette Madsen
  • December 11, 2015
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Image via Flickr/@Microsiervos

Remember the first time you discovered the “other” in messages on Facebook? Most of the content in this folder is spam, but the possibility that someone has tried to contact you in a more personal respect is rather realistic.

Now Facebook has decided to sort the private messages from private users from the filter. This means people you might have no relation to are able to contact you directly in an additional inbox. This extra inbox with messages from non-related users is going to be called “Message Request”.

Besides this being a source for strangers to get in touch, it is also a way of implementing the “Other”-inbox in the Messenger App.

This way messages from someone you are not friends with or have no mutual friends with will be delivered directly in your inbox on your desktop and in the Messenger app.

Now here comes the clever thing about the featuring inbox; you are in charge of letting the sender know that you read the message by having the option to mark it as read, letting the sender know you’ve read the message.

So even if someone you wouldn’t want contact with is messaging you, you can just mark it as unread to keep the secret. That would be an awesome feature for the normal inbox, but weirdly enough, Facebook is convinced, that you would want to talk to or reply whoever of your Facebook friends…

Also Facebook is going to put a lot of effort into eliminating spam from the “Message Request” inbox, but are yet to reveal how this is to be done.

The update will be available sometime this week and Facebook is teasing a lot of new adjustments to the Messenger app as well. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what those are going to be.

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