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Get Rewarded for Shopping: Shopkick Shows You How

Photo Via Shopkick Photo Via Shopkick
Photo Via Shopkick Photo Via Shopkick

Imagine walking into your favorite store (from Macy’s to Target), and getting rewarded just for walking inside. It sounds like one of those despised too-good-to-be-true scenarios, right? Well, over 7.5 million Shopkick users have done just that. With over 150 brands and 15 retail partners under its ever-growing belt, Shopkick rewards consumers with “kicks” for walking into stores, scanning items, and making purchases with their synced credit/debit card. A kick, is kind of like a rewards point. You redeem kicks for gift cards and specialty items, “from a Starbucks gift card (1,250 kicks), to an iPad, (125,000 kicks)” says

Shopkick’s site claims that its app “drive[s] incremental foot traffic to [its] partner stores… supports brand equity and competitive differentiation…attract[s] high-value demographics… [and allows for the development of] long-term relationships with consumers.” As for the brands that back it, Shopkick states that it helps out these brands by “expos[ing] consumers to new products and brand extensions… driv[ing] consumers to products on the shelf, and garner[ing] consumer insights at the moment of product engagement.”

Via Shopkick

Via Shopkick

According to Nielsen, Shopkick is the number one shopping app in usage (with an average of 2 hours and 37 minutes), as well as the number four app in overall active reach with ten percent (right behind major power-players like Amazon, eBay, and Groupon).

But how does Shopkick generate revenue? Well, whenever a “Shopkicker” uses the app at a Shopkick-sponsored store, Shopkick receives a fee. Last year, Shopkick “grossed an estimated 45% on revenue of $26.3 million… [and] sales have doubled every year,” according to Forbes.

And, what retailers and brands love most about Shopkick? It gets customers shopping. “The conversion rates are very high… anywhere from 20% to 95%. That’s the opposite of online shopping, where conversion rates are terrible,” Shopkick co-founder and CEO Cyriac Roeding told Forbes.

Will Shopkick change the way America, nay, the world, shops? Roeding has a feeling it just might. “[Shopping] will be almost like a minivaction,” he said to Forbes.

Now that would be an app worth downloading.

Photo Via Shopkick

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