MoviePass Temporarily Suspends Its App

  • Vladimir Sumina
  • July 10, 2019
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Theatre subscription service, MoviePass could be at its end. This Thursday, the company temporarily suspended its services until it makes unspecified improvements to the product.

The company wrote the following on their website: “For the past several months, MoviePass has been working hard to improve our groundbreaking subscription service to ensure it meets the vision that we have for it. We are temporarily not accepting new subscribers as we work on these improvements.”

MoviePass responded to questions on Twitter, saying that the “process will take several weeks.”

The company has been struggling to maintain its userbase for more than a year. Their subscription numbers went from over three million members to approximately 225.000 in April 2019. Because of this, it’s doubtful if any sort of changes to the app can help the company stay in business.

To compound matters even more, several movie theatres are developing their own apps. “Stubs A-List” – AMC Theatre’s subscription-based program, has over 860.000 members, Cinemark’s “Movie Club” has over half a million subscribers, and Regal Cinemas will also launch their own movie ticket subscription service soon.

The sudden suspension of the app was a big surprise to many of its users. Hannah, 24, of New York, said: “I opened [the app] last night and was very upset. I have no idea when it will be back up.”

Exhibitor Relations’ senior analyst, Jeff Bock, said: “Sounds like they’re on life support in the critical condition wing. And honestly, I don’t suspect they’ll have many visits … MoviePass, while a great idea, is a horror show in terms of execution and customer service. It’s hard to exist as a company when you don’t have the public’s trust nor can you deliver what you promise.”

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