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Gmail Reaches 900 Million Users

Google has risen in popularity in the past couple years, now its email server Gmail has a total of  900 million users. It is definitely this generation’s AOL, of course everyone remembers that craze.

Senior Vice President for Google, Sundar Pichai, announced their major growth in users Friday, May 29; a 425 million jump from users recorded in 2012. He also noted that 75 percent of the 900 users access their emails through their cell phone.

Google has officially beat out the number one spot in email services, kicking Hotmail (now known as to the second place spot. Though Google is the most updated on their count and other companies still need to update user numbers, their numbers are so high it would be unbelievable if their competitors ranked higher.

Many can guess that Google’s success is due to the various platforms they offer on top of just emails. Not only can you check emails, but you have a backup drive that supports all different file types and you can create documents through the drive saved instantly through your account for easy sharing and attachment.


via ABC

A new platform Google has come out with is Inbox; re-inventing emailing and introducing an even more modern way to email. The platform is available now for all users. Yet, Google is still working on developing its Gmail platform as the platforms do serve slightly different functionalities.


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