European Commission fines Google $5 billion

Google faces another European lawsuit The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it is fining Google €4.34 billion ($5 billion) for forcing its Google apps onto smartphone users. Antitrust official Margrethe Vestager had this to say about the fine: Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine. They […]
  • 15 Hours ago

Stock markets on the up-and-up

The stock market is currently thriving The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite all closed at brilliant levels on Friday. The Dow reached 25,000 points, its highest in the past 30 days. Secondly, the S&P 500 hit its highest point in the past five months. And finally, the Nasdaq closed at a […]
  • 3 Days ago

Google Faces More Fines By EU For Android Practices

The EU is once again out to get Google regarding their antitrust laws put in place. This time around it is about how Google manages Android. The open-source operating system has certain features the EU does not particularly agree with including the pre-installment of Google apps by device manufacturers HTC and Samsung. Google previously described […]
  • 9 Days ago

Facebook will discontinue drone project

Facebook steps back from drone project Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will no longer pursue the Aquila program, the internet-drone project it launched in 2014. The object of the drones was to send Internet down from the sky to anywhere in the globe. Facebook built and tested a droned successfully in 2015, but the […]
  • 21 Days ago

Google invests in Chinese e-commerce firm

Google hoping to gain an edge in the e-commerce industry In an attempt to grow its e-commerce arm and combat giants like Amazon and Alibaba, Google and announced that they will create a partnership. Google announced that it will invest $550 million in the Chinese e-commerce firm. The partnership will combine Google’s technological advancements […]
  • 30 Days ago

New College Search Engine By Google

The college application process is both stressful and scary. On Tuesday, Google announced that they are developing a new feature. The feature will make college information more accessible to prospected college students. It’s been reported that this information will include the average cost after financial aid, the typical annual income of students who attend and […]
  • 1 month ago

SpinLaunch will launch rocket without fossil fuels

SpinLaunch plans to do just that — launch a rocket from electric spinning Silicon Valley startup SpinLaunch announced on Thursday that it will launch a rocket into space without the use of fossil fuels – a feat that has never been accomplished. The company claims that it will have its first launch in 2022. Fossil […]
  • 1 month ago

Congress investigating Google-Huawei ties

Social media and tech firms are in hot water Senator Mark Warner reported on Thursday that his office sent a letter to Alphabet to inquire about its relationship with Chinese technology firms like Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer. Twitter and Facebook will also be investigated. According to CNNMoney, the Senate Intelligence Committee will […]
  • 1 month ago

Facebook shares data with phone manufacturers

One step forward, two steps back for Facebook The New York Times reported Sunday that Facebook has partnerships with phone manufacturers like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung that allow the companies to access user data. This includes information about education, work history, relationship status, political views, and religion. Phone manufacturers can then use this information to […]
  • 1 month ago
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