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Google Making job Searching Easier

Photo Credit: Sidney Photo Credit: Sidney
Photo Credit: Sidney Photo Credit: Sidney

If you are not stressing over trying to find jobs, are you really doing it right? Some days can be better than others but overall, job hunts are never easy especially online searching. You always think to yourself there has to be an easier way, it cannot be this hard and traumatic. Now, throughGoogle has put out a way to make trying to find a job easier for society. This feature can be used on your desktop or laptop as well as on your mobile device, depending on what you feel more comfortable using. So now the question is how will this work, what exactly is Google doing?

You will still remain on the Google site and type your job search in the normal conventional search bar and then Google will promote a cluster of distinctive job listings. These listings are going to be ones from your most major search engines for finding a job, which include some like CareerBuilder, Wayup, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc. So depending on what you search and what specific type of job you are looking for you can narrow down your search. Once you put in the heading to the specific job you are looking for there will then be a blue box with options for you, some will include where a job may be posted relating to your search, or where it is located, how long it has been available for if it is full-time, etc. A number of starter ideas will then appear and you can even narrow those down more and customize to your needs of what exactly and specifically you are looking for with a job and then help to search as many options as Google can.

With this feature, it is seen to be able to help consolidate and categorize data on the web better instead of having so many similar or even identical job listings continually popping up for those in a job hunt. Who knows if this is going to help people or not but it seems to be a step up in the web atmosphere of job searching for the many people in the world because the more specific the better, especially if one is knowing exactly what kind of job they are looking to apply for.

For companies to take part in Google’s launch of this job search they will need to invest and make some adjustments to their website so that then their job listings will more so be able to be one of the first one listed for society when searching rather than lower, because most people will get aggravated and only click to page three or four and will then not see the rest. Not only will this be an upgrade and very helpful for those who are in the job-hunt and search but also for those companies involved, who are posting the different varieties of job listings.

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