Google Swings First with Samsung Gear Live

  • Blaine Martin
  • June 26, 2014
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Google hopes to beat Apple to the punch with smart watches. While Apple quickly ramps up its work force to produce and release a new Apple smart watch, Google will have the Samsung Gear Live released on July 7th.

The Android Wear smart watch comes with a heart rate monitor embedded in its back. It has an every-day-at-the-office look, with a flat, plain band that seems rubbery. It features a 1.63 inch 320×320 screen and runs a 1.2GHz processor and 4GB internal storage. Google added that popular apps will be compatible, like Hangouts and Pinterest. The hardware is noticeably similar to the Samsung Gear 2.

While Apple seemingly focuses in on every detail of their upcoming watch, Google hopes to flood the market with them, thereby ducking their best competition for about two months. At the Google I/O Keynote, their upcoming Samsung Gear Live didn’t seem to offer much of anything different from smart watches we’ve seen before. Just like Android phones, users swipe back and forth through boxes to check notifications. Moreover, users will be able to sync app downloads with their Android phones.

Although the new Samsung Gear Live doesn’t have much to offer in terms of originality and beauty, history tells us that those two characteristics aren’t at all deal-breakers; many more people own Android phones than iPhones, and many more people own Microsoft PC’s than Apple PC’s.

It’s pretty much a given that Google will produce smart watches for lower prices than Apple will. Still, Apple’s higher quality standard and loyal fan base could change the expectations for all smart watches by the fall. Until then, call the Google vs. Apple smart watch war a draw.








Photo:  via Connectedly



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