Google Faces More Fines By EU For Android Practices

The EU is once again out to get Google regarding their antitrust laws put in place. This time around it is about how Google manages Android. The open-source operating system has certain features the EU does not particularly agree with including the pre-installment of Google apps by device manufacturers HTC and Samsung. Google previously described […]
  • 9 Days ago

Are Android Apps Tracking Your Children?

Studies reveal a number of Android applications are violating the U.S. COPPA law. Children under the age of 13 require more supervision in the use of applications. Not long ago, there was some uproar about data sharing between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The internet has become so complicated in recent years such that nothing online […]
  • 3 Months ago

“Streaming Apps” to “Instant Apps,” Why the Change?

Google has introduced the new technology “Instant Apps”. It is a variation of the previous “Streaming Apps”. Google has brought a new feature to the Play Store in celebration of the Annual Game Developers Conference last week. A few games on Android will now allow users to access them before officially downloading them. This “Try […]
  • 4 Months ago

Apple is dominating the tech industry

Back in 2010, there was a virtual magazine subscription called Next Issue, but was rebranded as Texture by Next Issue Media in 2015. Now, Texture has over two hundred magazines available electronically on most systems including Windows, Amazon, Android and iOS. All it requires users to do is to pay a fixed monthly charge and […]
  • 4 Months ago

Xiaomi: Alternative for Android Smartphones

Attributable to the 21st-century advancement in technology, there are not many folks out there who are not in possession of a smartphone. As a matter of fact, smartphones are no longer considered as a luxury item, instead, they have become a necessity to our generation just like water and oxygen. They are the first thing […]
  • 4 Months ago

Google to counter Amazon’s Echo Show with smart screen device, sources say

Google is rumored to have a new smart device in the works, TechCrunch reports. The tabletop smart screen for the home will serve as the competitor for Amazon’s Echo Show, which has been on the market since June 2017. If true, such a device would keep Google in the smart home market race with Amazon […]
  • 10 Months ago

Facebook Profile Picture Protection in India

Facebook is looking to introduce new forms of protection in India for user’s profile pictures. The goal is to stop copying, sharing, and other image misuse. More specifically these protections prevent others from being able to send, share, download or tag themselves in the image. These protections are not compulsory, but they do allow users to […]
  • 1 year ago

Google’s New App Sends Your Location

Google has announced the launch of its new application called Trusted Contacts. This will allow close friends and love ones to be able to track your location during times of an emergency. You will be able to add close friends and family you want to share your location with to Trusted Contacts and they will […]
  • 2 Years ago

Netflix App Makes Offline Downloads Available

Netflix subscribers are getting Christmas early this year; the company has finally announced that it will be making some of its shows available for download on Apple and Android devices without being connected to the internet. Netflix will stand alongside Amazon Prime and YouTube Red, who have both been offering video downloads to iOS and […]
  • 2 Years ago
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