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Know How Emirates Airline Prepares 225,000 in-Flight Meals per Day

Aeroplane in emirates-
Airplane with track- Image from Pixabay by iBalindura Airplane with track- Image from Pixabay by iBalindura
Aeroplane in emirates-
Airplane with track- Image from Pixabay by iBalindura Airplane with track- Image from Pixabay by iBalindura

The Fly Emirates is one of the biggest airline companies in the world. Emirates makes almost 110 million in-flight meals to feed in-flight passengers in a single year. This average to 225000 in-flight meals per day across all its destinations around the world.

Estimated Travelers by Emirates

Their destinations cook all types of food, ranging from snacks to the main dish. Emirates transport almost 55 million passengers yearly to various places. All the passengers have to eat at any destinations they arrive at. Emirates makes sure they avail all types of food to cater to each individual.

The 2018 statistics showed that Emirate’s passengers consumed 72 million bread meals. 134,482 strawberries were also consumed. Also, 414 469 lbs of salmon and 3 million potatoes went into the hands of passengers. The emirate will serve almost 200,00 flights within 365 days, the report by flightmateza.

Before cooking starts in various kitchens, everything gets unloaded from incoming flights. Plates, trays, spoons, forks, etc., go to the ground floor for the washing process. Dishes get separated into various categories and sent through industrial sized-machines. Almost an estimated 3 million kitchen items pass through the machines.

After cleaning, packing takes place into escalators which transport back upstairs where we have the main kitchens. That is where cooking of all types of food takes place. There are four types of kitchens on the same floor, a report by Business Insider.

Cold-Appetizer kitchen

First, the Cold-Kitchen, where chefs are busy preparing appetizers. There are two divisions of snacks in the kitchen, that is business snacks and economic snacks. This means the chefs have to group them into those two categories of people. They are then passed through machines for wrapping as the final stage.

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Main Dish Kitchen

Then comes the main kitchen. This is the busiest part where all kinds of main dishes get prepared. We have four sub-sections in this kitchen, with each having a senior chef from a specific region. Here are Asian, European, Sub-continental, and the Middle East. Each region has specific chefs with knowledge of common types of food consumed, the report by chonday.

1800 chefs come up with 1300 different menus every month. Any traveler gets inspired by their arrival at any emirate destination. Emirates has over 150 destinations in 85 countries. Thus, they have to cook various types of food. One of the Managers talks to the business Insider. He says their main aim is to welcome travelers home with open arms. New visitors are also introduced to the new taste of food in the country they have just landed in.

This kitchen has almost half of all chefs in the building. Vegetables and meat roll in big tanks as others get engaged in transporting the food to the cooling room. This is where all warmed food has to pass, making sure the food temperature is medium.

Chefs cooking inside emirates building

Chefs inside Emirates building-Dubai- Image from Pixabay by Paolabaldacci

Pastries and baking kitchen

The third kitchen is also known as the last, where pastries and baking occur—preparation of cookies, bread, cakes with specialized sweets. The food is dipped in the paste to make sure they contain a smooth and tasty flavor with a sweet aroma. Furthermore, a high-power laser cuts the cakes into equal pieces before taken to the oven.

Emirates Assembly room

The assembly room is right next to the exit escalators. One try wraps different varieties of food. Ranging from appetizers, snacks to the main dish. There is the addition of salads on specific food to increase their tastes.

The food gets back underground, loaded on large tracks. Those tracks transport to a central location to await the hungry incoming passengers. On arrival on any plane, the food is unloaded from the tracks and given to the passengers. Traveling through the Emirates looks great. You get a good welcome to a foreign or home city, which looks like a piece of good luck.

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