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Instagram Sends Users Email Updates

Expect to start seeing emails from Instagram in your inbox as they try to appeal to its less active users.

Social media sites are notorious for spamming their users, in notifications and in emails. Twitter and Facebook both send updates on what is going on with your social media whether you were or weren’t away.

Twitter tells you popular tweets, and Facebook tells you notifications you might’ve missed when scrolling through the website. Each update email has multiple hyperlinks in order for users, who may not be as engaged with their social media as these websites would like, to get right back into it.

Instagram is referring to their emails as “highlights”. While the app already has a place for users to see the trending topics on the social media app and amongst the people you follow, these emails will be a supplement to that.

According to Mashable, the highlights, “complies photo updates from those you follow in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts shown at the top.”

This is all part of the app’s initiative to get back users that may not be as active on the app.

The emails themselves contain the photo, user and caption along with an option to open the photo in the application.

In December 2014, Instagram made a blog post announcing they had more than 300 million users. June 2015 will mark their half way mark four and a half years since they first launched. Now they are working on re-engaging their users with new filters, more updates about their feed and making sure that even if the app isn’t open, people will see the photo that their friend posted.

According to Tech Crunch, “[Instagram] decided not to let Twitter render its photos in-line so people would have to use Instagram.”

Social media sites have shown in the past how they will go to great lengths in order to attract more attention to their sites.

Twitter created their own “highlights” which take followers, topics or conversations that might it believes will be of interest to you. These highlights come to users in the form of push notifications, and pop up twice a day.

As of now, Instagram gives its users notifications when someone accepts their follow request, follows them, likes one of their photos or tags them in a photo.

As of now, some users may not receive the email initially because the feature is so new. If you do find yourself receiving the emails, and aren’t a fan, fear not.

If you’re not interested in the updates, as of now there is no way to disable these emails.

According to Tech Crunch, “It’s so fresh there’s not even a setting to control it. When I tried hitting Unsubscribe to see where it took me, I discovered there was no email settings menu and no way to re-subscribe.”

The app does have two features where users can search trending photos in the explore tag, as well as popular accounts that might be of interest to you, based on the content you post and the people you already follow.

Instagram has said that these emails are just a test, and is the first time they’ve ever done something like this to try and lure users back in to the app.

Although this is a new thing for Instagram, some are questioning whether it means the app is on its way out. Some users took to Twitter to discuss their fear of Instagram spamming them, nothing that they think Instagram is losing its cool by doing so.

John Costine of TechCrunch wrote, “Highlights could solve an issue common amongst maturing social networks that show a live, reverse chronological feed of posts. It impacts networks like Instagram and Twitter, but not relevancy-sorted streams like Facebook’s.”

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