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Instagram to Start Offering Ad Tools for Businesses

via facebook/InstagramEnglish via facebook/InstagramEnglish
via facebook/InstagramEnglish via facebook/InstagramEnglish

It was only a matter of time, but it seems that the day of reckoning has finally come. Facebook-owned Instagram is finally offering businesses the tools needed to advertise on the picture sharing social media giant. Instagram’s upgrades offers businesses better insight and analytics to understand the reach their brands are having on the incredibly popular network. It also dissects the success of failure of paid ad campaigns.

Businesses will now be greeted with a toolbar that includes options such as “Account Insights” and “Ad Insights.” The “Ad Insights” menu displays the analytics for impressions, reach, and frequency related to each ad campaign. Instagram has also added a “Ad Staging” page which allows companies and their creative teams to create advertisements and review them before making them live.

Arguably the most important thing offered by Instagram’s new business tool bar is the real time summary data compiled for each campaign. Businesses will now be able to see how consumers are reacting to their ads in real time, and react appropriately depending on how the campaign is doing. Instagram explained that the new toolbar was originally offered exclusively to select advertising partners, but the service is now available to all advertisers looking to reach at least a part of photo network’s 200 million person user base.

Much to the shagrin of Instagram users all this really means is that advertising is about to become a lot more prevalent on the network. No one should be surprised, Facebook’s advertising services already cover news feeds and profile pages and advertising on Instagram isn’t exactly new. All the new toolbar means is that more businesses will now have the opportunity to get their word out. The new service is expected to be unveiled within the next few weeks, though Instagram has not released an official launch date. .


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