‘From the Lab’ to Your Front Door

  • Taylor Brown
  • July 22, 2014
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The online delivery company, From the Lab, provides quality beauty products quickly and for low prices.

It’s a monthly subscription box that gives one or two 30-day trial supplies of their “newest European quality luxury beauty innovations in the categories of skin care, hair care, and color cosmetic,” according to their website.

Not only are From the Lab’s products high-end, but they beat other beauty companies in sales and in the efficiency of getting their products out to customers.

According to their website, they are able to get their new products out a year earlier than average companies, their funds are put into the quality and not into the look of their products, which makes them less expensive. Despite the fact that they are more efficient than other beauty lines, they still work in the same labs as them.

From the Lab does not test on animals, and they are selective of what products they send to their users, offering only the best.

Their products online provide both the estimated retail price and the price at which From the Lab sells the products to their members. Most items are at least half the price of the estimated retail price.

To sign up for their products, all you have to do is go to their website, and you are offered four different packages: a 12-month, a six-month, a three-month and a monthly subscription. Each subscription package has varying prices, and the larger package, the better the deal.

If you find yourself particularly loving a certain product and run out, you can even buy the full-sized version from their online store.

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