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Larry Page Profile and Current Net Worth

Larry Page giving speech
Larry Page - Image from Facebook Larry Page - Image from Facebook
Larry Page giving speech
Larry Page - Image from Facebook Larry Page - Image from Facebook

Larry Page is the co-founder and CEO of Alphabet. He is an American computer scientist, a businessman, and a philanthropist. Page is one of the co-founders of the search engine, Google.

Early Childhood life

He was born in March 1973 in Michigan. A son to Gloria, a computer instructor, and his father, Carl Victor Page, a computer science professor. He grew up in Lancing, Michigan. He had some interest in music; therefore, he studied vocal composition while young. Lawrence used to enjoy playing saxophone throughout the day.

On the sixth birthday, the boy got obsessed with computers. He used to take advantage of playing computer games when they were away.


He joined Okemo elementary school, where he did various funny things. Furthermore, he could end up disabling computers in school to test how things work. Page wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of these smart gadgets.

After graduation, he got admitted to Okemos Montessori High School. But he had to complete his education at East Lansing high school. Since music was his hobby, he could attend centers of arts during home summers.

Larry went ahead and took a bachelor’s in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. He proceeded to Stanford University, where he got a master’s in computer science. One of his school projects was the development of an inkjet printer. He wanted to print posters at an affordable price.

He was a member of the Maize and Blue University of Michigan solar car team. The boy was the president of the Beta Epsilon in Michigan. They mate with Sergey Brin while attending a Ph.D. class. He considered questioning books. He wanted to understand every sort of thing that a computer possesses had. Page was exploring how math is more related to computers.

Sergey and Larry Page on Google

He noticed backlinks number was affecting the pages linking to other pages. Together with Sergey Brin, they indulged in deep research commonly called Backrub. They presented their research papers called “Anatomy of a Large-scale Web engine,” a report by google research.

This was a great time to start working and expanding the search engine. Since it had many downloads, it required many servers for the storage of data. Sergey built a crawler which attracted and motivated john.

They developed a webpage crawler for every student’s project. They built simple HTML and CSS code to come up with good designs. Likewise, they made a good complex algorithm that was worth helping.

At the moment, the university infrastructure could not help. They did not manage to have a web designer. They used multiple computers to find the best that could support their search engines.

In August 1996, Google released an advanced Chrome version, which is still on the Stamford website. Its name was Googol, but the name was already taken. The name symbolized the large data that the search engine was going to digest. At this moment, Larry Page becomes CEO of Google, while Sergey Brin becomes the president. NOW, all this pressure was driving them to work daily.

They purchased large hardware and software. After receiving almost, a billion customers, they set up an advertisement Portfolio. They signed an agreement with top companies for advertising. They could also create software for other companies.

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Net Worth

Larry Page receives a salary of $5,000,000,000 per year. His current net worth is $89.5 billion, according to Real-Time Forbes. He has also invested in Tesla Motors, the top electric and self-driven car manufacturer.

He stepped aside as Google CEO in 2015 to concentrate on Alphabet only. Alphabet is seeking to come up with various solutions in a variety of industries.

Larry Page and his Personal Life

The young tycoon married his lovely wife Lucinda Southward in 2007. Together with Page, she conceived two children. Larry makes a great donation to various charity organizations. He has a foundation called Page. In 2015, they gave out $94 million to Christmas giving in the United States. Most of his donations are made on holiday as he wants everyone to enjoy some bit of life once in a while, a report by vox.

He has also grown interested in climatic changes’ effects. Most tycoons are working towards combating problems caused by climate across the world. He has also invested in the production of renewable energy. Investment in electric cars with Tesla shows their fight on reducing non-renewable sources of energy.

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