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Microsoft eclipses Alphabet in value

The technology firm’s market value surpassed Google parent Alphabet on Tuesday

Microsoft (MSFT) shares have increased by 15% since the beginning of 2018 and nearly 41% in the past year. Contrarily, Alphabet (GOOGL) has increased by just .3% in 2018 and 8% in twelve months. At the end of Tuesday, Microsoft was valued at $749 billion, whereas Alphabet lied at $739 billion.

This surge in shares stems largely from the growth of Microsoft’s cloud computing software. Although it still has not become as popular as Amazon Web Services, it is more popular than Google’s.

Tuesday marked the first time since 2015 that Microsoft is valued higher than Google. The companies have gone back and forth in leading each other since Google first eclipsed Microsoft in 2012. However, Microsoft remains on top for now.

In terms of market value, Microsoft is now third globally among publicly traded companies. Apple and Amazon are ranked first and second, Alphabet is fourth, Facebook is fifth, and China’s Tencent is sixth.

These figures differ from the BrandZ brand value rankings they listed recently, where Alphabet takes the top spot. Moreover, this list was a more all-encompassing view of the company’s brand, compared to just its market valuation.

Although many consider Microsoft and Apple to be the main rivals, Microsoft and Alphabet have formed a close competition throughout the years. Both companies think long-term with their projects, and it is likely that they will continue to battle for the third highest market value for years to come.


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