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Pewdiepie Responds to Haters

Felix Kjellberg, better known to the YouTube community as ‘Pewdiepie’ made a video in response to hate comments he’s gotten because of the money he’s made from his career.

In an article posted on July 3 by Expressen, a Swedish newspaper, it was estimated that on advertising alone, Kjellberg made over $7 million in 2014. In the past YouTubers have been hesitant to talk about how much they make, but Kjellberg was very straight forward with his fans.

The six minute long video titled “Lets Talk About Money.”, features a sit-down style video with Kjellberg retelling his story about how he got to be where he is, the gist of it being that although the money helps him, he didn’t start YouTube for that reason.

With over 37 million subscribers, and multiple videos uploaded every day, the YouTube gamer is in high demand and has no shortage of viewers.

Kjellberg said in the video that over the past five years he wanted to avoid the topic of money because it isn’t important.

According to Social Blade, Kjellberg makes an estimated $84.4 thousand to $1.3 million a month. These figures are based off of subscribers and views gained per day on his channel.

Kjellberg is a partner with YouTube, has his own merchandise line, has a book coming out in October, and made a cameo appearance in South Park. Despite his lack of care for the topic, he clearly doesn’t have a shortage of it.

Before his YouTube career skyrocketed, Kjellberg had student loans, had recently dropped out of college, and to support himself, he was selling artwork online and working at a hotdog stand.

He reflects on this time of his life by saying,

“I was the happiest I was at that time because I was finally for the first time, in many many years, doing what I wanted to do, and the fact that I could make videos was so much more important to me that I had to spend a few hours a day doing a job that wasn’t that prestigious.”

His YouTube success story isn’t much different from others who have made it big on the media platform, but he undoubtedly has the largest following, with Jenna Marbles behind him at 15.2 million subscribers.

The Atlantic sited Kjellberg’s rise to fame as part of the “Let’s Play” video category on YouTube.

A YouTuber will play a game, usually one they don’t have any idea about, and record their funny reactions and possible failures.

According to The Atlantic, “The top five Let’s Players collectively have more YouTube subscribers than Peru has people.”

Back when Kjellberg started YouTube, he explained that at the time there weren’t many people doing gaming videos, and he didn’t know there was money to be made from doing so.

“It’s just something I loved to do,” said Kjellberg.

The gamer went on to explain that people don’t always realize the amount of viewers he gets, collectively 9 billion on his channel as of now, and how he gets money from the ads that plays before or during his videos.

Kjellberg isn’t in denial that his videos are him goofing off and playing video games, but he does work hard at his job.

“I do work a tremendous amount, ask my girlfriend,” Kjellberg said.

Kjellberg ended the video on a lighter note, reading hate comments from people who saw the headline about his financial situation, and telling people that this topic really shouldn’t matter because he does what he does because he loves it.

Kjellberg also pointed out that he and his viewers worked to raise over $1 million in 2014 and brought water to the Gasaka Community and 20 other projects.


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