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Ruby by Glow Essential for Tracking Women’s Health

Image: Via Glow Image: Via Glow
Image: Via Glow Image: Via Glow

Glow has created a new app called Ruby to help women track their sexual health. Glow has come out with a number of apps geared towards women’s fertility, pregnancy and sexual activity. This app in particular helps women to electronically keep track of their own sexual activity, fertility and helps to track when their menstrual cycle takes place.

Apps similar to this help to make women both sexually aware, giving them the education that is lacking in many school systems. Under the sexual health and trends are options to track your moods and any symptoms you may be experiencing and they can be linked to other health apps that track specific things like sleep and exercise patterns.

The app tracks your cycle while also keeping track of your history and can help predict when you can expect to get your period again. It also gives information such as ovulation cycle and fertility.

What sets this app apart is that it encourages women to talk openly about sexual health and feel comfortable doing so. The app provides accurate information on things such as birth control and sexual activity.

If there was any doubt about the legitimacy of the app, they have also partnered with Bedsider which is an online support group for birth control users from the ages of 18 – 29. It is organized by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

With their influence, as well as a community of women in all stages of their life, Glow will have information for any and every woman.

According to Techcrunch, Jennifer Tye of Marketing & Partnerships said,

“To offer young women a way to embrace their bodies and better understand their health really drives us.”

Since its launch at the end of July, the app already has 37 ratings that bring it to four and a half stars in the Apple app store.

There are a lot of period and health trackers in the app store, but not many can say that they provide tips for women and a safe forum to discuss it. In the community, women are encouraged to ask questions as well as give their own experiences to those who might be searching for advice.

According to TechCrunch,

“The idea behind Ruby is to provide women, especially the young and sometimes ill-informed with a better sense of self and to help them make informed decisions about their health, birth control and safe sex options.”

Ruby by Glow is one of the three products that the company has. One of the three includes Glow, which specifically tracks ovulation and fertility by allowing women to track their period, moods and symptoms and predicts fertility as well. Similar to Ruby, there is also a community to talk to and gain support from.

According to the iTunes store, Glow has a

“daily health log [that] helps you record over 40 different health signals, including BBT, cervical mucus, sleep, stress, weight, exercise, ovulation calculator and more.”

To download the free Ruby by Glow app, go to

Image: Via Glowing

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