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Will Solana Outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2022?

Solana logo-image from pixabay
Solana logo-image from pixabay Solana logo-image from pixabay
Solana logo-image from pixabay
Solana logo-image from pixabay Solana logo-image from pixabay

Many experts have come out clear that Solana could beat ethereum and bitcoin in 2022. The CEO of deVere Group, Nigel Green has advised many investors to stake their shares in Solana because it’s promising crypto.

In late November, Solana, Ethereum, and bitcoin dropped by 8.9%, 6.8%, and 5.7% respectively. High expansions in the stock market are a major cause of such a decrease. This fluctuation has led to the evolution of many questions about what will happen in the first quarter of 2022. Currently, bitcoin has improved to almost $60,000 per single coin.

Rate of solana increase by 1300%

Digital money is very volatile, but this doesn’t scare away popular investors who have stayed in the game for more than three years. Currently, Solana serves at 1300%, Ethereum at 376%, and bitcoin at 46%. What does this imply?

Institutional and retail savings indicate that cryptocurrencies have a long life.  When volatility affects the market, investors will pump their money into other digital assets related to crypto.

The top listed coin among the digital assets is Solana, which sits in fifth position among the popular crypto coins. When they were launching it, a single coin cost $2. Currently, in the hands of the DeVere Crypto app, it goes at $200. The economic profession has said that it will continue to shine even in 2022. Its cost-effectiveness and masterful technology will boost its value.

High processing speed

The speed of processing transactions is very high. The blockchain platform can process over 2500 transactions per second. On this property, Ethereum comes in second with 15 transactions per second.

Increase in decentralized projects

Some popular crypto companies like Ether have smart contracts. Algorithms operate automatically on certain agreements with blockchain technology. This tech has changed the way people operate in financial industries. There is an increase in the number of decentralized finance projects which relates well with Solana.

When it comes to transaction fees, Solana charges cheaper fees. This is a popular property that clients will consider before investing in any cryptocurrency. Ether has had lower fees, but when the demand for coins shoots, they also increase their transaction fees. This has diverted some investors into other cryptos, especially Solana.  The low cost doesn’t compromise with decentralization.

During the end of the third quarter in 2021, the Solana platform was down for around 17 consecutive hours. At that moment, people were complaining on Twitter about the issue. The organization pleaded for forgiveness. They announced that there was a load in transactions by almost 400000 per second. This caused the site to crash.

This temporary glitch in young crypto is very encouraging. Many investors are watching the trend from different angles. They are waiting for a loophole to jump in.

DeFi market

If the momentum grows at this level, bitcoin and ether will receive the great competition. Some call them grabbers of personal investments. The booming Defi market will change the fintech industry. There are a number of investors, funding multiple projects that will be launched in 2022.

But the choice will always remain in the hands of an investor. You just have to stay updated and risk the amount you are sure to lose in case of anything. There is nothing that can promise 100%, but we do follow statistics. It’s a difficult situation when the fluctuation in the market affects you negatively. But to stay safe, always work towards diversifying your investments. Solana is said to have hit the market in 2022, preferring, giving it a large percentage over others.

Also, stay updated in case of anything strange or good. The crypto industry changes now and then. There could be new crypto that can outperform all the others. We have seen the emergence of NFT artwork that has earned people a good amount of money. Seeking knowledge in the crypto industry.

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