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Sundar Pichai Warning Over Artificial Intelligence

Sundar pichai
Sundar pichai -Image from Facebook Sundar pichai -Image from Facebook
Sundar pichai
Sundar pichai -Image from Facebook Sundar pichai -Image from Facebook

BBC reporter Amol Rajab interviewed the Google Boss Sundar Pichai on the future of technology. Pichai talked about the artificial intelligence and deepMind departments that he chairs. Platforms like Google photos, Android OS, Chrome, and Google Docs are changing the way they perform. But the significant change will be seen in the search engine.

Google has provided free internet for the past 23 years. Over the years, the internet has been growing faster as new inventions feel the world. The two most popular developments that will change the world are Quantum computing and AI. Pichai stressed the effects of AI on the current and future tech world. He admitted that it was yet the most profound technology that humans will develop.

Artificial intelligence is the science by which machines try to mimic human activities. Then through experience, the computer can perform tasks just like a human being. The importance is that it can perform repetitive tasks as compared to humans. We already have many AI systems in the market. But the field is still fresh under research.

Regular computer store values inform of 0s and 1s. In Quantum Computing, a state of matter can be 0s, one, or between the two bits. It’s calculated with probabilities that occur in quits. It takes time to learn quantum computing, and it’s a mind-blowing science.

However, Pichai, amidst that quantum won’t work for everything like the AI. The ordinary computer might be the best choice for some functions. But the technology will bring significant change and opportunities. It will solve some common problems that we experience in our daily lives.

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Sundar Pichai rose from Product Manager to the boss of Google. Sergey and Larry Page n 1998 found the tech company.  After six years, Pichai joined the company to drive the product management department to greater heights. He is the current leader of these two technologies, AI and quantum physics. Pichai has also been the lead in the fight against these antitrust issues that google faces, tax, monopoly, and privacy.

Tech companies undergo hard times as the national governments increase the amount of tax. The company has hired lawyers and accountants to save them from this burden. Pichai addresses his way of working around corporate global least tax. Google is trying hard to participate in activities that can allow them to pay fewer fees. It has committed to paying 20% tax over the last two decades.

Also, privacy and data is a big issue in the company. Google Chrome is the dominant console used by billions of individuals across the world. Some regulators refer to it as a monopoly business that dominates and controls the market. That is very different from how Pichai puts it. He said that Google is a genuine product, and everyone has the mandate to use other search engines. Facebook also faced similar issues in June when their case was dismissed due to opponents’ inadequate proof. Some blame the company for collecting their data, hence tempering it with privacy.

Executive congratulates Pichai

Most executives from Google said the company has grown large with the help of Pichai. They poured praises to the Alphabet boss for how he drove every product towards satisfying its final customers. In addition, the company invests in research to come up with a new format for attracting new clients. Other CEOs also said Pichai’s testimonies always drive regulators to ease their strict rules on tech companies.

Google employees opened up on how Pichai is their role model. He is a low-profile man with forehead minds. It’s always challenging to find him in interviews. He is a caring leader with extensive skills to make sure everyone is comfortable while performing duties. His boss has many ideas in the field of technology on improving people’s lives. He has grown with an innovative mind since his childhood.

While joining Google, there were other engineers and developers, but he won the CEO’s trust to become the product manager. His kind and low profile figure has made him achieve greatness in life. Most employees said they respected his orders, since it’s rare to hear his voice.

Failure of google looms

Furthermore, he has had some projects like Google loom that failed. He is a risk-taker with no fear of failure. Through trial and error comes innovation. There is no point that the speed of innovation in the tech industry will slow down.

Google makes a lot of profits, and some percentage is invested in research. Pichai is ambitious with new inventions across the world. The man has led Google to be among the trillion-dollar companies in the world.

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