Adidas Vows To Only Use Recycled Plastics By 2024

Large companies are racing to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In the past, companies like Patagonia and REI have focused their marketing strategies on giving back to the earth. Now, non-outdoors sportswear companies are joining in on the breath of fresh air. Sports brand giant Adidas announced their new mission to only using recycled […]
  • 2 Days ago

Foot Locker shares up 20%

Foot Locker is on the up-and-up, but will it be long-term? The apparel and shoe store saw its shares boost on Friday, after exceeding earnings expectations. Moreover, Wall Street anticipated earnings per share of $1.25. Foot Locker eclipsed this figure by reporting a $1.45 EPS in the first quarter. It also reported $1.9 billion in […]
  • 2 Months ago

Nike losing teens in footrace with Adidas, analysts say

The investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray released the findings of their latest biannual “Taking Stock with Teens” Survey, MarketWatch reports, and apparently, Nike is losing touch with teenagers. Instead, the demographic seems to be spending more with Adidas and Amazon. Before you throw out your swoosh-covered sweats and socks, Nike (NKE) still […]
  • 9 Months ago

China Trades Luxury Goods for Adidas?

China’s luxury market is facing some new competition. In 2015, half of the global luxury market consisted of Chinese consumers. These consumers are now setting their eyes on sportswear. But why did this trend surface? There are but two reasons. Recently, luxury goods are becoming less accessible to the Chinese middle class due to last […]
  • 2 Years ago

Adidas Passes on Rockport to New Balance

Adidas no longer holds the ownership of its Rockport business. As of Monday, Adidas has officially handed over their company to both Berkshire Partners LLC and New Balance Holding, Inc.. Both companies who bought Rockport are in affiliation with the New Balance brand. Berkshire is a Boston-based investment firm and New Balance, Inc. is head […]
  • 3 Years ago

Adidas And Nike Battle Out Business Rivalry During The World Cup

As many know, Nike and Adidas have an ongoing rivalry that has yet to be settled. No one has ever been able to say which brand can officially be crowned the winner. What’s a better way to compare the two sporting companies than with The World Cup? Well, it turns out the two competitors both […]
  • 4 Years ago

FIFA’s Corporate Partners to Gain from Argentinean Win

With the United States and World Cup host Brazil out of the contest, FIFA’s big-spending corporate partners may be relieved by the outcome of the nail-biting semi-finals match between Argentina and the Netherlands on Wednesday, July 9. After remaining in a scoreless stalemate through 120 minutes of play, the match was settled in a penalty […]
  • 4 Years ago