Netflix stock drops after not meeting expectations

Netflix’s victories still fall short with investors Netflix gained over five million subscribers last quarter, but that was still not enough to appease investors, who estimated they would gain closer to six million. Even though Netflix continues to dominate the media market, investors are still not impressed; indeed, it seems as if the bar is […]
  • 2 Days ago

Justice Department will appeal AT&T -Warner

AT&T-Warner not over yet The Justice Department reported on Thursday that it will appeal AT&T’s acquisition of Warner, which Judge Richard Leon approved last month. Judge Leon ruled that the merger did not break any antitrust laws, and if it did, the government failed to show that. When the Justice Department first opened the case […]
  • 7 Days ago

Disney-Fox wins court approval

The Justice Department approved Disney’s bid for Fox on Wednesday. Although the deal is not finalized yet, this is a big step for the companies to successfully merge. The acquisition still needs approval from a federal judge and Fox shareholders, but considering the ease of the AT&T-Warner acquisition and the anticipated payday for shareholders, neither […]
  • 21 Days ago

Fox doesn’t want to sell to Comcast

Disney gains an edge over Comcast The bidding war for 21st Century Fox has ramped up between Disney and Comcast, with Disney holding the highest bid currently, but Fox has recently reported that it favors Disney far over Comcast. Comcast has the chance to rebut Disney’s offer, but Fox has reported that the deal will likely […]
  • 22 Days ago

AT&T acquires AppNexus

AT&T acquires another company On Monday, AT&T announced that it will purchase programmatic advertising firm AppNexus for somewhere between $1.6 and $2 billion. AppNexus competes with companies like Google and Facebook, who also use their cloud computing software to best place ads for businesses. According to the company, they have roughly 34,000 publishers and 177,000 […]
  • 22 Days ago

AT&T unveils TV streaming service

AT&T hopes to combat Netflix AT&T announced on Thursday that they have created their own streaming service, WatchTV, through which consumers can stream CNN, TNT, and other channels. The streaming service is the first revealed project after the massive AT&T-Warner deal that closed two weeks ago. WatchTV will help the merged companies position itself against […]
  • 24 Days ago

Disney increases bid for Fox

Disney raises the stakes The media-giant recently increased their bid to acquire 20th Century Fox, giving them the edge over Comcast to acquire the media giant. Disney originally locked in a bid of $52.4 billion for Fox, but after a judge approved the AT&T-Warner deal, Comcast rebutted with a $60 billion offer. After the ruling, the […]
  • 27 Days ago

AT&T-Warner acquisition approved

AT&T-Warner trumps lawsuit On Tuesday, Judge Richard Leon approved AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable – a deal worth $85 billion, one of the biggest acquisitions in the 2000s. The acquisition created a massive six-week antitrust trial, as AT&T’s massive satellite and phone networks will now have access to brands like Warner Bros., CNN, and […]
  • 1 month ago

Holographic smartphone to be released this year

Technology is finally approaching movie-level sophistication With the creation of the Nike MAG from Back to the Future, robots that complete tasks, and now interactive holograms, the world is gradually becoming many films’ portrayal of “the future.” The RED Hydrogen One will be releasing on Verizon and AT&T later this year, the company announced this […]
  • 2 Months ago
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